Abhishek: Raising The Bar Each Time You Succeed With Greatness

A computer science graduate, Abhishek started his career as a digital freelancer and moved on to starting his own Software development services company called Codebuddy. With an aim to create jobs for youth, he is a leader who is setting an example for others. 

As an entrepreneur, he believes that working with the right intention and building a strong network helps you generate leads constantly. As a software company, for them, the hourly pricing strategy works the best. According to him, the most difficult and crucial thing when running a business is retaining resources and clients.

Working towards meeting the expectations of clients and providing satisfactory services, they often collaborate with big companies for work and with smaller ones for resources. Content with his journey so far, he wishes he could have started studying computer science in school. We wish him success as he achieves more goals and reaches new heights in the future. 

Read Abhishek’s journey to success:

1. Introduce yourself to us and your company? 

Aiming to build a technologically advanced society, I completed my graduation in Computer Science from IEM. As a digital freelancer, I worked for a couple of years wherein I could invite the attention of clients from various countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, etc. I also worked in the B2B platform Bteract as a product manager and I could manage contacts with other developers in Kolkata. I also managed to make contacts with various SMEs in Kolkata.

These valuable experiences provided me the greatest breakthrough as I could manage to start ‘Tootle’, a mobile app to find local freelancers and freelance jobs which had 150K+ users over the period of 1 year. Later on, I started Codebuddy Private Limited to provide various software development services – websites, mobile apps, and accords all sorts of end-to-end solutions related to IT.

I could provide jobs to a number of youths who have been striving hard to fulfill my mission. As a responsible leader, I wish to soar to new heights, achieve new goals, and set a glorious example in the eyes of the common folks.

2. Why and when did you start Codebuddy? Were you planning it, or how did it happen?

I was running a freelance marketplace like Upwork but a localized version. We were not able to make it a revenue-rich company. Hence, we had to put that on the shelf and start CodeBuddy in 2018 January. We had an option to join.

3. How did you get your first client? What was your first project?

I did not have to struggle to find the client in the initial days as I was lucky enough to be connected with some really nice people in my network. I certainly believe having the right intention and network will provide you with loads of work.

We price our service based on the hourly estimate. Our hourly rate is $25, and if for any project/service it takes 200 hours we bill our client $5000.

5. Has there been any moment when you thought of quitting freelancing? If yes, what made you recover?

No never. My career started as a freelancer, I built a platform for freelancers which did not work well and now I am running a software development services company and providing opportunities to many young talents into full-time employment and sometimes as a freelancer as well.

6. What is the most difficult thing – getting payments, getting customers, or managing finances?

Neither. The most important & difficult thing is retaining resources & clients. Both are high maintenance if you have the right type of them and of course, finding the right type of resource and client is also a challenge in itself. 

7. Who do you collaborate with most often? What kind of Vendors? 

Other tech companies. The one bigger than us provides us work and the one who is smaller than us, we hire their resources. 

8. What’s your best piece of work to date?

Twishr and LiveNotary, are the two projects that I am really proud of. In fact, LiveNotary is one of our complex projects. We have implemented WebRTC in this web app. This web app is to provide customers with remote online notary services that are reliable and accurate at their utmost convenience and establish compelling corporate partnerships that fit the needs of each institution by exceeding expectations and giving excellent customer service.

9. What would do you differently if you had to begin your career again? What would you focus on once you restart?

I did not take computer science when I was in high school and I still regret that because in the initial days of my college I had to struggle. I would like to change that part only for now.

Abhishek can be reached out on Refrens, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram

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