5 Things To Do During The Lockdown

With memes and funny messages floating around about passing the time during the lockdown, our funny bones keep getting the work out. But, what about the mind? We can keep it idle or use it to learn a new skill or do something which has been a part of our wish list for long.

We recommend doing these 5 things to best utilize this lockdown time


This is something which we all want to do. It’s there in every business book you read, every success story. And still,we hardly do this. Sometimes due to shortage of time and sometimes due to our own apprehensions. This is the best time to do this. Reach out to people on LinkedIn/Twitter etc. Engage with them, help them. Be a giver first and a taker later. We never know the investment we make in relationships now may reap great returns in future.

Getting Better At Finances

Every end of the month or end of the year, a thought strikes in our mind to get better at managing your finances. To learn about investments, be it be stocks or SIPs. And everytime we forget this during the next few days. Use this time to learn about various financial instruments, how they work, the risks, the returns,seek expert advice. Remember dollar saved is dollar earned.

Learn A New Skill

Our daily work schedule hardly allows us to learn anything new. With less work, nowhere to go out, consider this as God’s Indication and learn something new. If you are a social media marketer, you can learn SEO. If you are a designer, you can give video editing a shot and likewise. A combo pack is always more attractive to clients then individual items.


You have been doing something for years now. You must be a real pro at it. Why don’t you teach others who might be wanting to learn it? Do an online webinar or series of Webinars. Zoom is free for the first 45 minutes. Create and share on your social media channels. You may start slow, but you will start. Helps build a personal brand, network and learn what you didn’t know till now


Declutter yourself. Your study. Your laptop. Your mobile phone. Your mind. The way you work. Do it for 21 days and this will become a habit.

No one expected this time to come. It is hard. But when life gives you lemons, one should make lemonade.