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Technical Product Review
Under Technical Product Review - I will review existing technical product/ Application from following aspects: - Technical Design/ Architecture including Code, Data of Product/ Application - Infrastructure setup review - Product/ Application Security review including Code, Data and Infrastructure - Code Review - both manual and using tools This service is for those organizations who want to build a scalable and flexible product for long term. If you have your business built over technical product and want to ensure the product remains healthy for long, then this service is suitable for you.
₹5,000 - ₹15,000 Per Hour
Technical Team Processes Review
Under Technical Team Processes Review - I will review the existing processes, analyze the gaps. understand team strength, understand business needs, understand products and then suggest processes that fit the organization needs and executable by the existing team. This will include process changes, formats, defining execution and training team, trainings around missing details. This service is useful for those organizations who are finding it difficult to execute technical goals within organizations, where delivers keep getting delayed, product quality is not maintained and each team keeps blaming each other for failures.
₹10,000 Per Hour
Providing Solution and Plan for Technical Debt
Under Providing Solution and Plan for Technical Debt - I will review the existing system and understand the technical debt, and then come up with a plan to remove the debt over time while supporting the business to add few more features. This service is very useful for those businesses who have old technologies in place or have technical solutions in place which are too complex to change by the team, or the solutions implemented in a wrong way in past.
₹15,000 Per Hour
Technical Team Structure Review
Under Technical Team Structure Review - I will review the existing team and their capabilities in context of the Technical Product/ Application requirements of the organization and provide the Analysis report that includes the required Team changes, training, roles and responsibilities, improvement feedbacks for the team. This service is for those organizations who have issues within technical teams, or technical team is unable to scale the product, or team where lot of seniors have left.
₹10,000 Per Hour
Technical Project Plan Review
Under Technical Project Plan Review - I will review the details of the Technical project plan. this includes review of Requirements, review of Technical Implementation details, mapping of requirements with technical implementation details, review of design/ architecture, security considerations, data designs, code practices, resources assigned to the tasks and their capabilities and timelines. This service is suitable for those who want to ensure success of the project and a need a validation from 3rd party of the preparedness of the project including team.
₹10,000 Per Hour

About Nilay Kothari

I am providing a consulting service on how to reduce the overall Technical Debt.

Technical debt is the measure of the cost of reworking a solution caused by choosing an easy yet limited solution. The most significant consequence of a complex technical debt is that it hinders a company’s ability to compete and innovate. It robs you of resources, time, energy, and the ability to innovate, adapt, and grow. And it's one of those things that's hard to identify and manage and even harder to avoid.

I offer the help to organizations who are suffering from such a technical debt. This consulting service is for all the companies that has technical teams, technical products and business depends on the technical products. It is important to keep the right balance between the size of the product and size of the team to ensure profitable business.

I am currently working as a Global Director of Technology at Aon (Assessment Solutions). Previously I worked as a CTO at CoCubes.com after the exit of co-founders. It was a startup later acquired by Aon. I have more than 16 years of experience and have helped companies build and setup teams for their products from the start. With experience of startups, mid size and major enterprises, I am highly experienced with providing practical solutions to the organizations.

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