Business FloatIn (A Unit of ExpertClip India Solutions)

Business FloatIn (A Unit of ExpertClip India Solutions)

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  Nehbelle B'Care Industries Private Limited
E-Commerce Web Development on Magento platform.
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Data Recovery
Data recovery consists of retrieving inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged and formatted data from secondary storage devices, removable media, or files. The common causes of data loss are power outages, equipment failures, malfunctions, accidental deletion of data, unintentionally formatting a hard drive, natural disasters, damaged hard drive read/write heads, software crashes, logical errors, firmware corruption, continued use of a computer after signs of failure, physical damage to hard drives, laptop theft, etc. Data recovery is a rescue to all that problems or stress that you have due lost of essential Data. This technique helps you to recover data from damaged, corrupt and in-accessible devices like memory card, hard disk drives, pen drive, CD/DVD and so on. Data recovery can be sub divided into following major types: 1) Logical Recovery 2) Firmware Corruption 3) Mechanical Failure 4) Encrypted/Password Recovery 5) Overwritten Data Recovery 6) Electronic Recovery Business FloatIn data recovery team, uses latest tools and techniques for data recovery to recovers data from physical / logical damage. We provide solution for every kind of data loss, dedicated to various types of storage media. We have the experience of having recovered data for many organizations and saved them from data loss considering the fact that data is very crucial asset for any organization. We recover data from physically damaged Hard Drive, SSD’s, Laptop Hard drive, Server Data Recovery, Flash Drive Data recovery, SD card Recovery, Mobile data Recovery etc. Our expert team will guide and train your employees for remedies from data loss and recommend proper access control rights. Also, extensive training shall be rendered for the purpose of system hardening to prevent any kind of data loss. For more details: https://www.businessfloatin.com/data-recovery
₹4,500OnwardsMultiple Price Plans
Web Development
EXPECT MORE WITH LOOKS AND DESIGNS, & SUPER-CODINGS We merge idea, concept, creativity and need of our clients with adequate information and technology. We ensure acquisition of clients imagination and concepts and try to build the projects that not consists bricks of clients idea but also has a full furnished home of complete timely delivery and satisfactory of service with efficient procedure of optimum communication in every stage of project progress. We ensure that all our web development and mobile application development projects are not only engineered using the most cutting edge technologies and under consultation of experts, but also they're created with a human-centred design expectations. The professionalism with ease of access 24x7 You trusted your product or service to be so true and it is solving the current issue or need for niche market! There's here where you fall in need of owning a website of your brand. Brand value increases with just a link to website and it impress your customers on how it is viewed. So, there's we come to your help. We aim the same. We are technical enthusiasts who love working with HTML and Java codes with an desire to create a good page and view with easy-convenience and at the end providing memorable experience to visitors. This is how we believe we help our clients create a brand in the minds of many. The pain of an underperforming website We believe your website represents your brand. And a site if its slow, mismanaged with images, content and colors- it's unreliable and hard to understand for customers and prospects, that may lead to ignorance and loosing of probable customers. For the time, Internal teams suffer when small website changes are agonizingly slow, and big changes are out of question. And so many times, starting a web development project feels daunting, so businesses often feel stuck with the status quo, risking missed opportunities and competitive disadvantage. We want to help and share the shoulder of load during this situations with affordable costings for such emerging companies. We’ve overcome all kinds of challenges for our clients, helping achieve some exceptional results in the process and believe this would be assist you in coming back to trend and returning of lost customers.
₹3,550OnwardsMultiple Price Plans
Refurbished Workstation & Server Sells
EXPECT MORE WITH SECURED AND HIGH-PERFORMANCE SERVERS & WORKSTATION Price Lists Updated Frequently Our servers and workstation price lists are updated frequently with new server price details, updated technical specifications and newly added features to servers. Dell Server, HP Servers, IBM Servers, Cisco UCS Servers Updated price lists help clients to compare better options available on market. No mothering about old version details and wrong information. ​ High Product Range We stock high product range under various list and have all products under various budget basket and available for small scale, medium scale to large scale businesses. We provide personal consultation understanding the requirements and future growth & capacity of your business. We dispatch fast all the shipments confirming without any delay in given expected time. ​ Genuine and Lowest Price Guarantee We strive to offer branded servers from HP, IBM, DELL, and Cisco UCS many more at the lowest possible price in the present online market. We try to give the best possible offers, discounted prices and great deals on all accessible servers when compared to other server dealers or distributors. Hot Swap Our workstation and servers services promote Non-disturbance to the functionings of your servers while changing or adding any component to your server. A workstation is a high-performance computer system that is basically designed for a single user and has advanced graphics capabilities, large storage capacity, and a powerful microprocessor (central processing unit). A workstation is more capable than a personal computer (PC) but is less advanced than a midrange computer (which can manage a large network of peripheral PCs or workstations and handle immense data-processing and reporting tasks). The term workstation is also sometimes ascribed to dumb terminals (i.e., without any processing capacity) that are connected to mainframe computers. ​ Most workstation microprocessors employ reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture, as opposed to the complex instruction set computing (CISC) used in most PCs. Because it reduces the number of instructions permanently stored in the microprocessor, RISC architecture streamlines and accelerates data processing. A corollary of that feature is that applications software run by workstations must include more instructions and complexity than CISC-architecture applications. Workstation microprocessors typically offer 32-bit addressing (indicative of data-processing speed), compared to the exponentially slower 16-bit systems found in most PCs. Some advanced workstations employ 64-bit processors, which possess four billion times the data-addressing capacity of 32-bit machines. ​ Their raw processing power allows high-end workstations to accommodate high-resolution or three-dimensional graphic interfaces, sophisticated multitask software, and advanced abilities to communicate with other computers. Workstations are used primarily to perform computationally intensive scientific and engineering tasks. They have also found favour in some complex financial and business applications. In addition, high-end workstations often serve a network of attached “client” PCs, which use resident tools and applications to access and manipulate data stored on the workstation.
₹18,000OnwardsMultiple Price Plans

About Business FloatIn (A Unit of ExpertClip India Solutions)

We at Business FloatIn consider ourselves artists that crafts the idea of a client into a Digital Product and understands application of Customer-friendly product elements is all that our Clients expects. We analyze the Company Growth & Development possibilities and create a Module that is not just user-friendly for Customers & Viewers but also is convenient to Client to track regular activities. Moderation as per growing Market Trend and raising expectations of trouble-free experience is all we constantly work for.

Business FloatIn is a group of Creative and Dedicated individuals who are passionate to deliver Innovative products every new delivery. They are interested to create something new for each project and wants to challenge themselves with productive, efficient and cost effective solutions that are most importantly also delivered within the time frame. We provide a wide variety of IT & digital services including web design, branding, digital marketing and much more related to Startups, Small, Medium & Large scale businesses. We have separated experts who work for types of Businesses and consult according to their need and requirements. Every Individual from Team has a wide range of skills and expertise and we always put our clients satisfaction first. This is what we believe that sets us apart from the competition– an eye for detail and the best service from the start to the completion of your project and continuous consultation post completion. Quite simply, we offer the most reliable and effective services to any company looking for a whole host of online solutions.

UI DevelopmentFrontend DevelopmentPPC Services
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