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Remote HR-LaunchPad
This is an essential service for all Start Ups. When you start up, your focus is on building your business, hiring the right set of people and building your team. In order to create the right culture and be an attractive employer, it is important to have the basic HR policies and an induction process in place. In Launchpad, we at Rightwaay help you do all the above. In addition to this, we keep updating you on any new policy changes that happen during the year. Also two people from your company will have complimentary access to our open workshops that happen throughout the year.
₹1,00,000 - ₹3,00,000 Every Year
Remote HR-Leap
Everything in Leverage ​ PLUS Performance Management Process Design Annual Employee Engagement Survey ​ Updates on HR Trends ​ Exit Management Design ​ Prevention of Sexual Harassment Awareness Programs twice a year
₹5,00,000 - ₹8,00,000 Every Year
Diversity, Inclusion & POSH Consulting
Why do organisations need a D& I policy? ​ In today's VUCA world, there is a war for talent and skills. Though the number of graduates passing out is increasing, the employability rate is going down year on year. Companies continue to invest a lot in attracting the right talent. Having a great D& I policy ensures that we are able to hire the best talent from around the world, thereby bringing in diverse ideas, which in turn benefit the company's productivity and ultimately the profitability. ​ ​It has been estimated that closing the gender gap would add $28 trillion to the value of the global economy by 2025 – a 26% increase. Put simply, companies and societies are more likely to grow and prosper when women gain greater financial independence. ​ The need is to get skilled people on board and paying attention to Diversity and Inclusion ensures that you remain competitive and grow your business! ​ ​We help you unravel your potential and demystify D&I ​ What is Diversity & Inclusion What is the case for it? Why promoting gender equity is important for growing your business? How to build high performing teams by appreciating the differences? How do you teach your leaders to be inclusive? How to ensure that you are creating a safe workplace which is harassment free? What kind of a mechanism should you build to hear complaints? How to eliminate bias during an inquiry and be fair and just? What are the laws around Sexual harassment? How to create awareness and sensitise your teams?
₹3,00,000 - ₹5,00,000 Per Project
Corporate Training
Much needed Behavioral Skills ​ Communication Presentation Public Speaking Conflict Management Creating a Wow Customer Experience Winning with Sales First Time Manager Leadership Development in a VUCA world Customised programs as per the need of the organisation. Skill Competency Assessments We help organisations with skill competency mapping and setting up assessment centres. We use various methodologies and interventions like classroom sessions, outbound, experiential, game based sessions etc to make sure that we unravel the true potential of every person.
₹1,500 - ₹10,000 Per Hour
Remote HR-Leverage
Employee Handbook Design + one revision in the year ​Ongoing Policy Updates ​Templates of HR Forms ​Access to Core Training Workshops conducted by Rightwaay for 2 people throughout the year New Hire Onboarding Process Design ​Job description Templates ​Compliance Updates ​Exit Interview Templates
₹2,00,000 - ₹3,50,000 Every Year
DISC Assessments
DISC is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a common language and a self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others. The online DISC questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete. The assessment reports can be customized for all levels of the organization. Organizations and facilitators choose the DISC assessment because it is easy to administer, user-friendly and a powerful tool in a wide range of applications. The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. They are further distinguished as Reserved or Active. The resulting behavioral styles are called: D-style (Dominance) I-style (Influence) S-style (Steadiness) C-style (Compliance) Our clients use Extended DISC® with their employees to equip them with skills to modify their behavior to become more successful by: Understanding how people are different Developing confident self-awareness Learning to identify the styles of others Modifying behavior based on the other person’s style The participants become more aware that their success is determined in a very large part by how well we interact with other people. They learn how to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships with subordinates, customers, prospects, colleagues, managers, friends and family members. Among the most popular applications are: Leadership development Sales training Communication skills training Customer service training Team development The assessments can be customized for specific job roles and industries to provide the most relevant information employees need. In addition, the DISC assessments can be tailored for content, length, pictures, colors, logos, page order, etc. to provide the most applicable and user-friendly assessments. Once an individual completes the online DISC questionnaire just once, the results can be provided in any assessment format at no additional cost. Also, Team/Group Organizational Assessments, and Pair Assessments can be created at no additional cost and without having to ask the employees to complete the questionnaire again. All assessments are built on a very practical, 4-steps to Effective Behavioral Modification process. It ensures individuals will modify behaviors. Contact us today at reachus@rightwaay.com for a demo.
₹2,800 Per Project
Managed Payroll
Get a team of qualified payroll processors, Income Tax and Statutory Compliance experts working for you for you at the cost of one junior resource! ​ Automate HR processes Make it easier for employees to access their information online Ensure documentation and tracking of all payroll entries Customise workflows Manage Risk ​
₹15,000 - ₹1,00,000 Every Month

About Rightwaay Talent Consulting LLP

Rightwaay is on a mission to help SME’s and Women Owned businesses save up to 52% of their time and up to 40% of their costs, which they would otherwise spend on managing people and HR processes. They can use this time and money productively on developing their own core products and services and leave the HR operations, compliance, Payroll and Training part to us.

We use the right balance of HR tech and people interactions. We manage all HR operations remotely with digital solutions, without needing any office space of yours. We give you periodic reports and access to MIS that will help drive future people decisions.

The best part is we have a model of Remote HR for all sizes of businesses-Launchpad for start ups, Leverage for those who are mid size and Leap for those who are growing.

We started in Bengaluru, India in 2012 and have rapidly grown to serve clients across India and abroad. Our solutions are not restricted to a geography.

Rightwaay believes in being responsive to both our customers as well as our employees. We are focused on providing solutions that are in accordance with the regulations of the land can help organisations in their growth. To know more check us out at www.rightwaay.com

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