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Freelancer based in Kolkata, India
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Website Design
November, 2020
Website Design
We will design a beautiful website for you. The website design will be as per your choice. We have web designers who are experts in their field. We will show you multiple web designs before you finalize the design of your choice. Your website will have social media links, forms and animations. All these are important for Digital Marketing of your business. If you have a Facebook page then we can integrate a chatbot in your website. You probably require a website for your business to let your potential clients, and your existing clients know about your business. Obviously, you want your website to rank high your google search. One of the most important criteria for your website to rank high on the search result is the speed of your website. We offer 1 year SSD Cloud hosting for your website starting at ₹2851/-. SSD cloud hosting offers lightning-fast data read and write, facilitating the breathtaking performance of your website. So book your meeting with us today.
₹5,500 OnwardsMultiple Price Plans
Website Maintenance Service
In our Website Maintenance Service (WMS) pack, we ensure that your website is performing at its best and it is in good health. The whole purpose of your website will be Lost if your website is Slow and Malfunctioning. So In our Website Maintenance Service (WMS), we ensure that your website is technically in good health. It is painful if the website is underperforming even after spending time, effort and money on building it. BLAZING SPEED You will get a lightning-fast website for users and 80+ Google Page Speed score for both for mobile and desktop. You can avail our 7 Days FREE Trial Offer and experience it for yourself. ULTRA SECURITY Beyond the DDoS protection and WAF, we also offer publishers access to a free SSL certificate for your site. This means that publishers can easily move their sites to HTTPS or maintain their SSL at no cost. We will ensure full security of your website. DAILY BACKUP Secure your data with our Incremental Cloud Backups. Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage, and capable of running on an daily cycle. Everything you need from a great backup. UPTIME MONITOR We keep an eye on your websites for you and send you an instant notification when your website goes down, so you could get it back online before anyone else notices. It also helps you to to monitor the performance of your hosting. SAFE UPDATE Safe3 update automatically creates restore point for you. Compare the website before and after the update. It helps you roll back the update if something goes wrong. DETAILED REPORTS You will get detailed monthly analysis and report about your website. This reports are a phenomenal tool to give you a baseline and awareness of the impact of every action you want to take regarding your website. ACTIVE CDN Your website will have active Amazon CDN. This means your site is being routed through Amazon’s servers, which utilizes our reverse proxy, server-level CDN. This is different than caching. When the caching app is turned on, you get additional speed optimization features.
₹3,000  Every Month
Social Media Marketing
We customize our offerings for each and every clients so that the client get the maximum ROI in minimum time and investment. There is a specific need of each client which becomes apparent when we discuss in our structured proprietary Discovery format. Through such meetings and discussions with our clients, we suggest to them the right platform where they should invest to get maximum traction. For example, if our client’s business is B2C, then Facebook or Instagram would be the best-suited platforms for them. Similarly, if our client’s business is B2B, then LinkedIn or Twitter would be the best-suited platforms for them. Instagram and Printrest would be best for professionals like photographers or Wedding Management Companies.
₹6,500 OnwardsMultiple Price Plans
About Rishi Digital

We at Rishi Digital, come to work every day to create meaningful value for our clients. To help clients create seamless digital experiences for their customers that ultimately generate leads and sell more.

We are creatively passionate & technically curious designers, who consider every day, a new o...

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