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3D Character modelling cover
  magic mass and media
3D Character modelling
We have created super hero characters in 3-D.
November, 2019₹5,00,000
Climate Change - 2D Animation | Kannada Version | Magic Mass & Media cover
Climate Change - 2D Animation | Kannada Version | Magic Mass & Media
Climate Change - 2D Animation | Kannada Version | Magic Mass & Media for the government on climate change.
Ongoing Project


3D Animation
Presenting a concept or a design to a client requires a lot of time, sometimes years of hard work, and can be overwhelming for both parties involved. Mass and media team is dedicated to making the design process as easy as possible for you, so you can focus on what matters most — creating the best designs possible. We offer 3D walk-throughs, giving clients a chance to see your designs in an interactive environment they can actually explore. No more stress or confusion! Our 3D rendering and 3D rendering services offer unmatched quality for any budget.
₹3,00,000 Per Hour

About massandmedia.com

Our Magic works for

Belief in brand

Boldness in action

Power to purpose

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

About Us:

Magic Mass & Media is a new age creative, branding and marketing agency that delivers creative design solutions across communication platforms to transform businesses by engaging customers with unique brand experiences and empowers clients to unfurl the magic in them.

We are a full services firm with well equipped expertise to deliver complete range of services with strategic clarity, creative excellence and flawless execution to help businesses develop better for all our clients.


Corporate identity is at the core of branding, design and marketing at Magic Mass & Media. Our branding experts meticulously work to understand the clients and create business logo or personal logo to represent a strong, well-executed persona that stands as a company logo for its clients. 

As a bespoke branding agency, corporate branding is a process well defined and adhered to in Magic Mass & Media. Our brand consultants are adept at creating these ‘business power signatures’ to truly be considered as effective logo makers.


Promotions is an encompassing word at Magic Mass & Media. It includes understanding the audience, building brand messages and executing them across all touch points to deliver unique experiences to help customers comprehend and perceive the brand. It begins with a brand proposition and closes with a thank you note from its loyal customers for a brand they love.

Promotions services include marketing across platform both print and online marketing, with a specific focus on internet marketing in this digital world. Magic Mass & Media strategically partners its clients as a marketing consultant building campaigns for SEO, SMM, Email marketing & more for effective results. As a distinctive online marketing agency, we combine innovative ideas and new age platforms with custom built marketing strategies to offer the best mix of marketing solutions to our clients.


Design is a function to build a clear story that evokes all sense to connect the consumer to the brand. Our creative briefs explore new opportunities and alternatives and do not work with frameworks that could limit creative thinking.

As a comprehensive creative design agency, our design solutions include crafting corporate identities and creating marketing collaterals including advertisements, brochures, catalogues, flyers, banners and more importantly designing websites and digital marketing solutions that empower businesses


Magic Mass & Media is a talent pool of experts across the gamut of functions in sync with the changing trends in the industry and cutting edge technology development to serve the needs of the client. A defined approach structured as M3 for purposeful branding and effective marketing is a strong pillar of strength at Magic Mass & Media

Meticulous Research – This phase involves a comprehensive understanding of the clients and the sector they operate in. a detailed brief is built based on their goals and inherent strengths to communicate to its customers the power of the brand.

Meaningful Solutions – This phase works to build an integrated strategically planned 360 Degree approach in communication across multiple touch points for a meaningful engagement.

Multifold Results – The final phase is a analysis driven research based measure as results are defined and achieved with continuous evolving messaging and strategies to ensure effective reach and set goals.

Customer :

Magic Mass & Media is focused and driven to deliver beyond client expectations. We equip ourselves to function as a reliable branding partner to each one of them. Magic Mass and Media caters the clients with comprehensive and bespoke solutions across Digital, Web and Print Media.

We help our clients shape contemporary brand strategy, communicate with millions of potential customers, and leverage latest advancement in technology to develop new digital products and services.


Magic Mass & Media offers the full range of creative design services including brand strategy, design and development of web services, integrated digital campaigns, content marketing and other advertising services to deliver all under one roof.



The signature visual depiction that represents your company’s identity is a cornerstone of all communication and hence is a core focus area at Magic Mass & Media. A business logo design not only represents the company but invites customers to believe in its values.

We believe a professional logo design that is personalized and custom driven not only aids recall but enhances brand equity. Thus, corporate logo design is a thought through process and offered as a stand -alone service offering

Corporate Identity:

An important component of the corporate identity development is a well designed company logo. A comprehensive and seamless visual identity is built across business cards, business communications like letter heads – communication and presentation templates including packaging to create one continuous whole.

Magic Mass & Media offers corporate logo design and corporate identity marketing as a package and one single service for its discerning clients.

Business Card:

Business cards are validates of the first impression. Most times they are the vehicle you introduce your company’s logo as much as your own identity. The business cards are designed to include these varying factors of personal identity, company logo and industry you operate in.

Our Logo makers also initiate business card designs as a seamless extension of one to another. Thus personal business cards demand a focus of specialized business card design and printing of these as high quality business cards to reflect a persona.


Packaging is serviced as an expansion of the corporate identity; this is specially so for the product packaging companies. Our packaging designs are coherent and innovative to offer a distinct visual appeal. The product packaging design arm works beyond the need to just cover boxes and packaging and deliver an impactful and effective identity.



Magic Mass & Media has a definite and defined approach in its functioning. It extends this planning to enhance a brand across 360 degree and offers it as a service. Brand strategy is a comprehensive service developed and offered like any other marketing consulting firms. Our marketing professionals are adept at creating integrated marketing plan both for print and internet marketing including social media marketing, email marketing and SEO.

The strategy team has expert consultants that build a strong strategy right from seo services, email marketing campaigns and social media marketing to offer a strategic internet marketing services.


Search Engine Optimization is a building block of internet marketing. This core service is meticulously handled by a specialized and trained team of professionals who work as a SEO consulting firm in the agency. SEO packages are built and offered on a tailor made basis to clients, post a thorough research and we understanding of the company and its needs.

SEO is handled by online advertising team in accordance to a well charted plan and defined phases of delivery with clear result orientation. We definitely know our way around the web and with this we ensure you reach right on the top too.


Social Media Marketing encompasses a detailed mapping of the varied platforms and planning across social media channels to maintain a quality social media presence. Charting the activities and sharing on social platforms helps increase visibility and well strategized campaigns are custom built by our expert social media marketing services team.

The SMM team is well inducted to work and deliver like an insider and deal with the customers as an extention of the client itself. Its this well knit working methodology with clear communication and messaging that entails huge success for our social media marketing efforts.

E Mail Campaign:

Email marketing solutions are embedded service across internet marketing services. The email campaigns are tools that are not only well researched on targeting and distribution but the content and design are well rehearsed too

The email campaigns are akin to a direct mailer campaign with far more intricacies in focus and delivery due to the nature of the platform itself. Email marketing agencies offer niche email campaigns highlighting the importance of this as a stand-alone activity too.


Magic Mass & Media provides an exhaustive range of marketing tools to engage your audience, be found across online, both in searches and social networks and grow your following. Development is a tailor made customer driven service provided. We offer Website design and Development, mobile app development, word press and e commerce site development.


Every company is unique and therefore each website we create will be different in a way to reflect that unique trait of the company. Website development is a highly skilled activity that is driven by technically proficient professionals under expert brand consultants to craft the right image with aesthetic appeal to attract and enhance interaction from its users.

Magic Mass & Media offers website development on both static and interactive platforms to service the needs of the clients. We work on cutting edge technology solutions to offer speedy and smart navigation on platforms like CMS, Jhoomla Drupal, Wordpress and more

Mobile App:

Magic Mass & Media offers mobile app development on trending technology platforms aiming to reduce the app development time considerably. We work with you to visually develop entire application, integrate this with the existing system easily and also custom design code for future as you need it.

Built by engineers and branding experts and marketing specialist to better your user experience and aid business transactions, the team works in tandem to better design, build and deliver mobile apps faster and effectively. We offer android app development, IOS app development and iphone app development too


Wordpress as a platform for web designing or custom built wordpress developments is a growing service at Magic Mass & Media. The platform is versatile to create website, blogs or even apps and many smart plug ins aid to create a beautiful web solution as per the client needs. Wordpress development services include wordpress designing to deliver the overall impact to the solution.

We have specialist wordpress consultant who are skilled and adept with the new trending features and explored possibilities in wordpress developments to offer you most modern and contemporary usage of wordpress in branding and marketing your business online.

E commerce:

Ecommerce web development is the need of the hour. With business sales moving to the click of a button and online retail phenomenon taking the world by storm, e commerce website development is a viable solution for product sales on the internet. We at Magic Mass &Media are here to help build your customized shopping store

A visual appeal to attract and retain customers, better display of products to search and buy, a seamless user interface and navigation and a binding user experience are necessary components of the magento ecommerce website development.

Our technical experts focus on delivering you a performance driven e commerce design integration and maintenance for effective functioning. Our e commerce services are lauded for its high quality work in a time bound manner within specified budgets.

UI/ UX design:

uSer Interface or user experience designing is a specialized function that warrants a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem it operates in. our approach to internalize the needs of the clients and translate them as benefits/attractions for the end user to enhance the experience as a positive and contributing factor to continued usage is a key. User interface design companies focus on the transitions and transformations building it as a compelling user experience design service.

Our technocrats are well teamed with customer service and client service teams to meaningfully work together to deliver a unique and happy experience for our customers.

Design Solutions

Magic Mass and Media has a strong design team that offers design solutions across the gamut of advertising and brand development, including entire range of marketing collaterals like corporate brochures, product catalogues, book cover and cd cover designs are categorically serviced.

Many points of sale design needs are well thought through to help a customer connect at varied touch points by creating a wholesome experience for them. Posters, flyers, danglers, tent cards, direct mailers, newsletters and much more are a comprehensive set of design solutions put forth to cover the expanse of target audiences.

Invitations designing to meet the growing need of MICE, designer weddings, customized celebrations and personalized occasions are a niche area of demand we cater too.

Interior branding and graphic designing is another niche that helps the Corporate establishes its brand amongst its employees and internal audiences. This is a specialist task and has a designated team that works in tandem with branding strategist to offer a right image for the company. Letter heads, communication templates and brand identity platforms including the signage’s on building exteriors are a thought through process.

Magic Mass & Media has an excellent execution team that ensures right choice of signage’s being employed, be it for a corporate organization or a supermarket or commercial complex to help gain visibility and reflect the brand elements well.

Design for advertising needs for sales and business development, branding and HR is at the core of design still. Advert designing, across medium like print, television, digital and promotional media are the staple for design needs and benchmark design capabilities of any advertising agency.


Photography as a service is an inherent felt need at Magic Mass & Media. We have a team of professional photographers working across a gamut of functions to service wide ranging photography services like food, fashion, portfolio, fine art, illustration, journalism, industrial, products and life photography.

The nature of photography be it is still or candid is offered post a detailed study of usage and a defined needs of corporate or individuals. One could opt for 360 degree photography or panoramic photography to meet your discerning needs. Aerial shots and more are done to capture the right image. We enliven these with editing and printing. Photo retouching and photo restoration are also offered to ensure the right branding and perfect visual depiction across catalogue photography or corporate brochures to ensure a truly customized representation of your company.

Wedding photography is a key focus area with the tantalizing variety of set shoots and candid captures to bring alive the event for all. Portraiture, portfolio and fashion shoot elements are embedded to encapsulate a wedding as a lifetime of memories.


Film production services for advertising and branding and beyond is a growing need. This is true with vlogs and many other motion graphic platforms now available to connect with your audiences. Ad films, corporate films, product demos or promos, training videos, v logs, documentary films, wedding films and more are much sought after. A technical expertise coupled with the creative approach and innovative ideas is a prerequisite for the success of a film making service.

A video film production, be it promotional film production or commercial film production is a team effort and a highly technical job. Our in house team of professionals coupled with production associates and editing studios ensure your every need for 2d or 3d animation, special effect animation and gaming, video photomontages for training videos or product promos are well within the scope of our service under one roof.

Events & exhibitions:

Events and exhibitions are used to establish a direct connect with the customer base. We function as an event management company for our loyal clients. With us, Events have been a key activation drives for product launches and bringing a campaign alive with real time data and ROI. The need of a corporate to be known amidst its competitions in trade fairs, international exhibitions and other corporate industry events are addressed here.

We help you participate and put your best foot forward by ensuring a complete turnkey solution. Right from stall design, to branding, execution, road shows, and response management

We also undertake celebrity management and organizing trade shows, corporate events and other off site team activities and other promotional activities off site in this category.


Our clients are a standing testimony of promises delivered and success achieved in defining, designing and delivering brands. We are a result of evolving with our clients businesses and our growth is organic and strong based on their word of mouth promotion and ready references.

Its this organic relationship that has entrenched loyalty both ways. We are what our clients say

“ add testimonials here and a swatch of client logos’


Thank you for reaching out to us with your communication need. We as a full services firm ensure you a one stop shop solution for all your needs. Please post your query here and we will revert to you within 3 working days. However we are available on whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Instagram to field your queries and up our response time.

You can call us now at +91



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