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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does a consulting invoice look like?

A Consulting invoice includes basic information like the invoice number, created and due date, list of service offered, description, hours spent, terms of payments, online payment options(if you want to accept payment online).

How do consultants bill clients?

Consultants offer various payment options like hourly rate, some charge per project, or as a retainer. But most of the freelance consultants charge per hour for the service offered.

How many transactions can I make on Refrens?

Unlimited. There is no limit to the transaction you make. You can create unlimited invoices and record transactions. All absolutely free.

What more can we do on is a network for business service providers. You can hire various service providers like content writers, graphic designers, website developers, Webflow developers etc. on

Free US Consulting Invoice Templates

How Do I Write A Consulting Invoice?

Creating an invoice using a consulting invoice template is easy, simple, and fast. There are some elements that should be included when creating a consultant invoice. Using Refrens invoice templates for consultants, you can create an invoice in 3 simple steps which are as follows:

Step 1: Select a Suitable Consulting Invoice Template

There are various types of invoice templates according to the business you are operating such as freelance consultant invoice, software consultant invoice, business consultant invoice, marketing consultant invoice, or legal consultant invoice. Select the template that defines your business preciously. You can also change the color and font headings of the invoice easily. Refrens introduced the feature named “Magic color” which helps you to pick the most suitable color from the logo you uploaded when creating the invoice. UNLIMITED INVOICE TEMPLATE FOR FREE.

Step 2: Start Creating An Consulting Invoice

  • Invoice Title: The invoice title is not necessary to add but it is a good practice to add the title of the invoice. The title can be either “INVOICE” or your company name. Having a title helps the client to identify the type of document they are viewing.

  • Issue and Due Date: This section is compulsory to add for both client and vendor. The date on an invoice helps the client when the invoice was issued and when is the last date to pay the invoice.

  • Invoice Number: The invoice number is one of the essential aspects of the invoice. It helps both the parties to keep the accounting documents in proper order and also helps to file tax easily. Not just, for accounting purposes, but also to track the payment of the invoice. The invoice number must be in sequentially increasing order and also should be unique for each invoice. It should be a combination of alpha and numeric and should never repeat or have gaps. For example, A/2020-21/001, A/2020-21/002, A/2020-21/003, and so on where “A” can be your company initials.

  • Company/Personal Logo: A logo on the invoice is also not a compulsion to add for any business or freelancers but still having a logo on the invoice is good for brand building.

  • Build By Section: This is the section where you add all the information about your company like name, address, phone number, email, and other essential information that is relevant for your client.

  • Build To Section: Same as build by section, billed to is the place where you add your client’s information which includes the client’s or company’s name, address, email, and other necessary information.

  • Service Name: List out all the service names you offered and a detailed description of each service. Be specific about the services you offer for a particular project and your role in shaping the project. For example, “ initial stage meeting about marketing with the sales team for both offline and online marketing”. Add all the detailed breakdown of your service and also add free consulting if you offered at the early stage. This helps to keep full transparency between both parties of the transaction.

  • Chargeable Fees: As per the service you offered, add the fees. Your billing rate varies depending on the consultancy offered per hour, per project, or a fixed price. Clearly state the price of service you offered and a detailed breakdown of how many hours you spend on consulting. When you give such a breakdown, it becomes easy for a client to understand where the money is spent. You can also add any discounts and additional charges as well.

  • TAX: If you charge TAX, simply enable the TAX option, it will auto calculate the taxable amount and can create a TAX invoice.

  • Terms & Conditions: You need to add the terms and conditions of the invoice and payments. Clearly add the terms of late payments.

  • Bottom Section: At the bottom of the invoice, you can add notes like “Thankyou note”, any attachments, and signatures as well.

Congrats your invoice is created now. The next step helps you to get paid faster.

Step 3: Add Bank Details

  • After creating an invoice, the next important step is to add the bank details to get paid faster. Add your bank name, account number, SWIFT code, your name same as bank account name, mobile number.

Consultant Invoice Template for US Businesses

Business consultants when completing the project, they use a business consultant invoice template to bill their clients. The main goal of a business consultant is to help the client or business or organization to reach the business goal and improve efficiency using different strategies and tactics. Usually, most of the consultants charge per hour from their clients for the service offered. It is always a best practice to describe a detailed breakdown of the service offered and chargeable price.

Consultant Invoice Template for US Marketer

Marketing consultants help the company or business to reach potential customers by marketing their products or services. They also help in branding and improve the social media presence by using different trends, and strategies. Once the project is complete, these marketing consultants invoice their clients using a marketing consultant invoice. The invoice includes invoice number, due date, detailed description of service provided, hours of work done on a particular project, and the rate per hour, payment method.

Consultant Invoice Template for Legal Professionals in US

Legal consultants are hired by the organization or business or an individual to manage and lead the legal issues or disputes faced by the organization. They also provide guidance for real estate issues, risk management, tax & financial issues, and many more. They use a legal consultant invoice to charge from the organization or business. It also includes the number of hours work is done, the price per hour, tax if applicable, a brief description of the services provided.

Consultant Invoice Template for Freelancers in US

Freelance consultants are those who work independently and are hired by the business and organization to complete the consulting work. For example, companies can hire freelance consultants for the guidance of marketing strategy or improve social media engagement with expertise. Once the work is done, a freelance consultant invoice can be used by the client. Most freelance consultants charge per hour rate for the service offered to the client.

Invoice Template for US Software Consultant

Software consultants are those who offer software solutions and examine the computer system or other software of the business to work more efficiently. Clients hire these software consultants and get the work done easily. Software consultants issue invoices after the completion of work and can also charge tax for the service offered to the client. The most suitable invoice for software consultants is using software consultant invoices.

Refrens offer free consultant invoice templates for various industries. You can create an invoice that suits your business. Each consultant invoice template should have its own meaning and the type of consultancy offered to the client. Downloadable consultant invoice, print invoice, or email directly to the client.

Special Purpose Invoice Templates

Following are some of the special-purpose invoice templates.

Professional Invoice Template designed for professionals like chemists, lawyers, designers, freelancers, content writers, etc.

Letterhead Template not just big corporates but businesses of all sizes can make their custom letterhead to communicate between two parties. Refrens team has build letterhead for all types of businesses.

Business Invoice Template if letterhead does not attract you, here is the template that is definitely made for all business purposes.

Modern Invoice Template specially designed for startups and newbie freelancers which helps to accept the payment faster.

Print-friendly Invoice Template black and white template with compact and easy to print invoice.

Features of Consulting Invoice Template

Refrens know the difficulty to find a perfect consulting invoice template, so we have developed various invoice templates for consultants that suit your business needs and requirements. Using perfect templates and error-free invoice is essential for faster payment.

  • Free, unlimited access to invoice template.
  • Consultant invoice template available in more than 240 colors.
  • Access to all the invoicing features for free.
  • Downloadable consultant invoice template as a PDF.
  • Print-friendly invoices and email directly to clients.
  • Feature to change the font headings of all invoice templates.
  • Add multiple custom fields, rows, or columns.
  • Auto calculates discounts, additional charges, TAX.
  • Flexibility to add attachments, additional notes, and digital signature.
  • Enable online payment options.

Downloadable Consulting Invoice Templates

Once the invoice is created, not only you can save the invoice in the system itself. You can also download all the consultant invoice templates in PDF format for free. Unlimited access to invoicing features with templates and colors. You can create an invoice and directly send the invoice to the client via system mail without converting it into PDF. The client can also download a copy of the invoice for further reference and tax purposes. Not just downloading, you can the client both can print the invoice easily.

Why Use Refrens Consultant Invoice Templates?

Refrens developed consultant invoice templates specifically for all the consultants in various industries. You can create invoices and proforma invoices for free without any hassle and instantly. No limit to creating invoices. No signup fee. No hidden charges or conditions. Access to all the invoicing features like client management, payment report, TDS report, TAX report, and many more.

You can keep track of all your invoices and their respective payments in one place. Refrens even allows you to keep track of emails opened by the client or not along with the remainder feature. Not only invoicing, but you can also create quotations and can also manage your expenses.

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