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Reusable Mattress Blanket Warming Device - Medwarm
  Istanbul Medical
Reusable Mattress Blanket Warming Device - Medwarm
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Medical Equipment


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - VacUltra®
One unit, three therapies V.A.C.UltaTM Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System • V.A.C.® Negative * Pressure Wound Therapy * V.A.C. VeraFloTM Instillation Therapy * ABTheraTM Open Abdomen Negative Pressure Therapy Enhanced Graphic User Interface Intuitive touch screen menu with fewer screens to initiate therapy Simple therapeutic programming Customised Pressure Algorithms Continuous negative pressure (from -25 to -200mmHg) Dynamic Pressure Control is the evolution of intermittent therapy that maintains minimum negative pressure levels between cycles, helping to prevent leaks and fluid accumulation that can occur when there is no negative pressure at the wound site. Proven V.A.C.® Therapy System Compatible for use with existing V.A.C.® Therapy System accessories: Sensa T.R.A.C.TM Technology provides continuous feedback for enhanced negative pressure accuracy. V.A.C.® GranuFoamTM Dressings help promote granulation tissue formation and facilitate exudate removal. V.A.C.® Canisters collect exudate. Seal CheckTM Leak Detector offers instant feedback to help identify leaks. Features Effective Healing Mechanism of action promotes granulation tissue formation while providing a closed, moist wound healing environment. Clinically Proven V.A.C.® Therapy is the only negative pressure technology substantiated by more than 45 randomised, controlled, clinical trials and over 950 peer-reviewed articles. Cost-effective In published studies on a variety of wound types, V.A.C.® Therapy has demonstrated the potential to help reduce: • Length of stay • Readmissions • Need for surgeries Brochure Video
Price Available on Request
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - extriCARE® 3600
Overview The extriCARE® 3600 Pump for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has a simple and intuitive design that is easy to use by healthcare professionals, at hospitals and other inpatient facilities.  Featuring a prominent display, the 3600 pump provides a high flow rate and is capable for delivering pressure from 40-200mmHg, ideal for different wound conditions.  The pump can be fitted with a 400cc or a 1000cc canister, catering to various exudating wounds. The 3600 pump has a rotatable back-mount for securing to beds and IV poles. A carrying case is also available. With a user-friendly design, simple pressure settings, customizable treatment modes, and powerful negative pressure wound suction, this device offers a rich feature set that delivers effective performance while being easy to operate. For a case study performed with extriCARE 3600 unit and foam dressing, please click here Brochure Video IFU
Price Available on Request
Overlay Alternative Pressure Mattress - Active Taraus
Overview Designed for the prevention and management of pressure injuries. the Active Taraus pressure redistributing mattress overlay system is suitable for a range of care environments, including home and community care settings. Top cover * Vapour permeable and water resistant, incorporating 4-way stretch Management system * 2 modes of operation for enhanced choice and flexibility Integrated audio & visual alarms * Includes low pressure alarm, power fail alarm and pump fault alarm * Modular nylon PU cells, easy to change. Features * Suitable for Medium Risk Patient of Pressure Injury. * 2 Modes of operation : Active/Alternating mode: periodically redistributes pressure away from vulnerable areas by alternately inflating and deflating cells beneath the patient. Reactive/Static mode: cell pressure is equalised to redistribute the body weight over a greater surface area: suitable for patients unable to tolerate a moving surface. * Variable pressure control settings – allows appropriate individual pressure settings to be set via simple control for firmness & softness as per patient comfort. * Audio & Visual alarms – includes Low pressure alarm, Power fail alarm and Pump fault alarm * Modular construction – contributes to ease of cleaning and maintenance * Transport facility – Cell pressures are automatically equalised, leaving an even surface * Static head cells – 3 static head cells * Top cover – vapour permeable and water resistant, incorporating 4-way stretch. * CPR facility. Technical Specifications Modular Mattress * Pressure Range: 30 mmHg – 80 mmHg * Dimension: 200L)x 86.5(W)x 12.5 cm(H) * MattressType: Alternative System * Air cells: 17 Nylon with air vents & CPR Valve. * Top Cover: Nylon / PVC with zipper. * Water proof & vapour permeable cover * 4-way stretch Pump (Control Unit) * Dimensions: 30(L) x 15(W) x 9(H) (cm) * Weight: 1.4 kg. * Air Pump: Air Out put: 7-8 Ltr. Per minute. * Cycle Time: 12 minutes. * Power Consumption: 7W, Fuse: 1 A * Static Mode, Pillow function, low pressure alarm. Warranty: 1 Year against manufacturing defects for pump. Brochure
₹2,000 Per Project
Overlay Alternating pressure Mattress System - MED AIRE DuoWave
Standard Alternating System The alternating pressure support system impresses with sophisticated technology and high reclining comfort. The MED AIRE DuoWave edition offers an individual adjustment of the cell pressure to the weight of the patient, both lying and sitting position, thanks to the stepless manual duo comfort setting on the unit. The integrated pocket in the cover prevents slipping of the foam pad. Features: * Individual cell pressure adjustment to the patient's weight, lying as well as sitting * Individually applicable by a possible static soft storage * Stepless manual pressure adjustment based on a weight scale * Bi-elastic, quilted and breathable cover * Integrated pocket in the cover prevents slippage of a possibly used foam pad * Recommended for therapy support for decubitus categories 1 to 3 and for prophylaxis in patients at high risk * Made in USA Warranty: 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects for Pump & Mattress.
Price Available on Request
Pain Management | Aids Rehabilitation Aids | Immobilizers | Traction Kits
ABDOMEN & SPINE SUPPORT Abdominal Belt Tummy Trimmer Maternity Belt Ash Brace (Hyper Extension Brace) Rib Belt Sternal Support Lumbo Sacral Support Contoured L.S. Support Dorso Lumbar Brace Hernia Belt Waist Belt (Neoprene) Scrotal Support Posture Corrector Back Rest Coccyx Cushion Seat SHOULDER & CLAVICLE SUPPORT Shoulder Support (Neoprene) Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Universal shoulder Immobilizer Clavicle Brace Clavicle Brace With Buckle ARM & ELBOW SUPPORT Pouch Arm Sling (Tropical) Pouch Arm Sling (Baggy) Elbow Support Tennis Elbow Support Forearm Splint Tourniquet CERVICAL SUPPORT Cervical Collar Hard Cervical Collar Soft Cervical Collar Soft with Support Cervical Pillow (Memory Foam) Cervical Pillow Regular Cervical Traction Kit + Weight Bag (Sleeping) Cervical Orthosis (Philadelphia Collar) WRIST, FINGERS & THUMB SUPPORT Wrist Brace (Neoprene) Wrist Brace Wrist Brace with Thumb Support Wrist Brace With Thumb Support (Neoprene) Wrist & Forearm Splint (Right/Left) Elastic Wrist Splint (Right/Left) Finger Cot Finger Extension Splint Frog Splint Mallet Finger Splint Thumb Spica Splint Exercise Gel Ball (Soft/Medium/Hard) Weight Cuff PELVIC & HIP SUPPORT Pelvic Binder Pelvic Traction Kit + Weight Bag Traction Weight Bag Leg Traction Brace FOOT, HEEL & TOES SUPPORT Foot Drop Splint (Right/Left) Arch Support Toe Separator Insole (silicone) Heel Cushion (silicone) Metatarsal Pad Cast Shoe THIGH, KNEE, ANKLE & CALF SUPPORT Skin Traction Set (PUF Liner) Thigh Support Ankle Brace Ankle Binder Anklet Knee Cap Knee Cap Open Patella Knee Cap Rigid Hinge Knee Wrap (Neoprene) Knee Wrap Hinged (Neoprene) Elastic Knee Support Patellar Support Compression Stocking Mid Thigh Compression Stocking Below Knee Medical Compression Stocking Mid Thigh - Classic Medical Compression Stocking Below Knee - Classic Knee Immobilizer (14”) Knee Immobilizer (19”) Knee Immobilizer (22”) R.O.M. Knee Brace (22”) Calf Support HOT & COLD THERAPY AIDS Hot & Cold Pack PHYSIO AIDS Exercise Band (Actiband) OTHER PRODUCTS Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. (Acticrepe) Brochure
Price Available on Request
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Machine
Model: TM-2441 | A&D Medical; Japan The all-in-one TM-2441 is here at last. This new device is equipped with a self-blood pressure measurement mode, a multisensor and a special algorithm to detect irregular heart rhythms. The TM-2441 can perform 5 types of self-blood pressure measurement in addition to ABPM measurement. | Features | | -------- | | 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring  Self measurement- OBP: Office Blood Pressure- AOBP: Automated Office Blood Pressure- HBPM: Home Blood Pressure- ANBP: Automated Night Blood Pressure- ASBP: Automated Self Blood Pressure Easy to use mode slide switch Lightweight and compact Oscillometric measuring method Automatically adjustment of proper cuff pressure, deflation speed and end of measurement New pulse correction algorithm for faster measurement & noise rejection Automatic or manual measurement Battery Power (2 alkaline or Ni-MH “AA”) Configurable measurement intervals to adapt to a patient's specific requirements Output to data to analysis software (included with device) USB & BLE Connectivity.Warranty: 3 Years | Brochure Video
Price Available on Request
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - ActiV.A.C.®
Defining effective wound healing Successful wound management in the community is the combination of using the most effective wound-healing therapy with assuring the highest possible patient quality of life outcome all in a cost-effective manner. The ability to get on with life is closely related to the degree of mobility a therapy allows. Comfort and piece of mind require that the therapy is easy to use and discrete to wear. All in all, the aim must be to offer the patient their normal life in familiar surroundings. * Complete mobility. * Easy to use. * Compact and discrete. * Successful transitions from clinical to home care environment. Searching for better wound care ActiV.A.C.® is designed for complete mobility to ensure better outcomes in the management of wounds for patients in the home or in the process of being discharged from a clinical environment. Features Ease and speed of use are greatly enhanced with features such as full colour touch screens, electronic seal checking and settings guide. Fast * Intuitive software–touchscreensandafullyre-programmedmenusystem. *  Click-fit canister application – for rapid, hygienic fitting and removal. * Aural and visual application guidance system – distinctive alarms are supported by clear on-screen guidance explaining the current problem and illustrating the steps required for rapid rectification. Effective Clinically proven V.A.C.® Therapy in a fully portable unit. * Detailed course of therapy history recording – the unit automatically logs therapy usage including therapy settings, duration and alarms. * Anti-clog technology – the 3d multi-channel profile of Sensa T.R.A.C.® prevents blocking and clogging. Quality of Life The lightweight, portable design combined with Seal CheckTM and SensaT.R.A.C.® technology improve patient comfort and reduces distress. * Long battery life for extended operation. * Skin-soft conformable Sensa T.R.A.C.® – the reticulated structure of the pad presents a large surface area of even pressure to the wound, offering a comfortable fit and minimises the risk of pressure damage to the skin. * Odour control. The infection exudate management system controls strong odours. Cost Effective V.A.C.® Therapy delivers lower hospitalisation costs and lower costs of nursing time when compared with using moist gauze. * Cost effective – only 3% of wound management costs relate to dressings. The rest sits mostly in nursing time and hospital costs. * The speed and efficacy of the Integrated V.A.C.® Therapy System cuts these costs. Brochure Video
Price Available on Request
Airos 6 - Lymphoedema Circumference Sequential Compression Device
Reliable, Intuitive 6-Chamber Device Ideal for the Medicare Population Overview The FDA-cleared AIROS 6 Sequential Compression Device delivers compression therapy to help patients manage lymphatic and venous disorders. The AIROS 6 is a sequential compression device that provides an efficient, easy-to-use, and effective at-home treatment for patients with chronic swelling caused by lymphedema and a variety of other venous disorders.  This device features 6 chambers that inflate and deflate to help move lymph fluid to reduce swelling, and like other compression devices, it is proven to stimulate the lymphatic system, enhance a patient’s quality of life, and can reduce instances of cellulitis.  The AIROS company understands that self-management of lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and symptoms of other venous disorders are paramount to helping patients live their best lives with little to no interruptions. Technical Specifications Primary Treatment Modes Gradient Mode:** Delivers gradient sequential compression. User can set the starting pressure (distal chamber near the foot). Lymphedema Preparation Treatment (LPT) Modes Clearing Mode:** Mimics Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD). Used before primary Gradient Mode treatment. Focal Mode:** Tenderizes fibrotic tissue. Three (3) chambers are active at one time. Used before primary Gradient Mode treatment. Specifications * Dimensions: 10.2” W x 10.5” D x 4.3” H * Weight: 6.4 lbs. * Therapy Times: 15, 30, 45, or 60 Minutes * Deflation Time: 12 Seconds * Cycle Times (Inflation): 40 or 60 Seconds * Pressure Ranges: 30-80 mmHg (Gradient Mode) Garments * 8 Sizes of Full Leg Garments * 2 Sizes of Half Leg Garments * 2 Sizes of Arm Garments * Comfortable & Durable * Easy to Apply and Remove with O-Ring Zippers and an Automatic Deflation Mechanism Brochure Video
Price Available on Request
Overlay Alternating Mattress - AM 40
Features: * Cell mattress * 2 to 1 alternating therapy * Adjustable hangers to hang pump at foot bedside. * Comfortable Nylon mattress * High quality pump * Weight indicator pressure adjustment setting • 12 minutes cycling time * Near silent low noise * For treatment of patients at Low to Medium risk of pressure ulcers. Warranty: 1 Year against manufacturing defects for pump. Brochure
Price Available on Request
Replacement Alternating pressure Mattress System - MED AIRE FlexWave
Alternating pressure system The mattress replacement system combines flexible user settings with maximum comfort. Approved for a user weight of 20 kg to 200 kg, the MED AIRE FlexWave system offers variable changing cycles and can be used individually thanks to the care, seat and static function. *   Sitting and care function and static soft storage *   Variable adjustable cycle with 10 to 25 minutes *   Automatic cell pressure adjustment in case of patient position change *   Manual weight adjustment possible *   With intelligent start-stop system *   Automatic keypad lock after 30 seconds *   Bi-elastic, quilted and breathable cover *   Quick repair of the mattress, since air cells can be replaced individually * Cell on cell Technology with CPR facility. * Made in USA. * Comfort cover with foam pocket, washable. Warranty:** 1 Year against manufacturing defects for Pump & Mattress. Brochure
Price Available on Request
Anaesthesia Work Station
AEON7200 Full Configuration * CE marked, meets EU clinical safety requirement * Large LCD screen, various monitoring waveform and parameters in different colours. * Automatic and manual modes can easily meet the ventilation requirement • Integrated CO2 absorption system equipped with NO WATER VAPOR * COAGULATION sensor and fast-release APL valve * 4-tube of flow meters for 2-gas sources meet long operation requirement • Optional AGSS provides more protection * Optional FiO2 monitoring AEON8300A Basic Configuration * CE marked, meets EU clinical safety requirement * Large LCD screen, various monitoring waveform and parameters in different colors * IPPV, Pressure mode, SIMV modes can easily meet the ventilation requirement * Integrated CO2 absorption system equipped with NO WATER VAPOR COAGULATION sensor and fast-release APL valve * 4-tube of flow meters for 2-gas sources meet long operation requirement * Optional AGSS provides more protection * Optional multi-gas monitoring AEON8700A Anaesthesia Machine * The comprehensive ventilation modes including PCV-VG, SIMV-PC provide more flexibility to ventilation strategy, suitable for various patients operation including paediatric and adult * Advanced ventilation management, provides accurate delivery and broad of settings enabling effective care across a wide range of patient sizes and acuity types * Support both low-flow anesthesia and mini-flow anesthesia * Compact breathing system, easy to remove and clean, fully autoclavable, optional CO2 bypass Electronic flow-meter, precise control and convenient operation * 12.1" TFT LCD with color touch screen, highlighted display * Optional comprehensive gas monitoring include: oxygen (paramagnetic), carbon dioxide, AG, etc. * CE marked, meets EU clinical requirement AEON8600A Anaesthesia Machine * PCV and SIMV+PS modes ensure flexibility in ventilation, machine doable for both pediatric and adult operation * Optional functions monitoring O2, CO2 and anesthetic gas * Flowmeter provides minimum 25% concentration of oxygen in O2/N2O mixture * Absorb system sterilized with high temperature and high pressure * Enhances usability with auxiliary oxygen, suction, auxiliary power source, monitor arm, infusion pump etc. * CE marked, meets EU clinical requirement AEON8300A Anaesthesia Machine * PCV and SIMV+PS modes ensure flexibility in ventilation, suitable for both pediatric and adult operation * Optional functions monitoring, CO2 and anesthetic gas Flowmeter provides minimum 25% concentration of oxygen in O2 / N2O mixture * Absorb system easy to remove and clean, fully autoclavable, optional CO2 bypass * Enhances usability with auxiliary oxygen, suction, auxiliary power source, arm for monitor, infusion pump etc. * CE marked, meets EU clinical requirement VP500 Vaporizer * Exemplary handling qualities in operation or transport * New ergonomic design, operation more comfortable * T-position, any position and angle of tilt * Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Halothane available * Connection type: Selectatec compatible or Draeger plug-in compatible * Filling type: Pour Fill, Key Fill, Quik-Fil VP300 Vaporizer * With CE certificate * Meet ISO 8835-4 International Standard * Interlock system * Pressure, temperature and flow compensation * Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Halothane available * Connection type: Selectatec compatible or Draeger plug-in compatible * Filling type: Pour Fill, Key Fill, Quik-Fil AP1000 AGSS Anaesthesia Gas Scavenging System * With CE certificate * Meet ISO 8835-3 International Standard * Great compatibility * Suction pressure can be adjusted to different requirement * Good readability with buoy indication * Satisfy the purification requirement of laminar flow operation room * Simple, operation, easy connection and convenient maintenance Brochure Video
Price Available on Request
3M Blankets for Warmer
The 3M Bair HuggerTM Warming Blanket System offers the most comprehensive portfolio designed to accommodate all your warming needs, from simple to complex surgical procedures involving patients from pediatric to adult. Made from soft, radiolucent materials, Bair Hugger blankets have consistent, even perforations to ensure uniform convective warming. Underbody blankets The Bair Hugger underbody series is composed of seven blankets designed to accommodate patients from pediatric to adult while providing clinicians full access to the patient. Pre-positioning underbody blankets on the OR table helps reduce patient prep time, and fluid outlets minimize pooling during surgery. Cardiac blankets Whether your surgical strategy involves near normothermia bypass or cardiopulmonary bypass- induced hypothermia where reducing the severity of post-bypass after-drop is of concern, the Bair Hugger system has a demonstrated, flexible warming blanket solution designed to help you meet your patient temperature goals. Pediatric blankets A complete line of Bair Hugger blankets has been designed specifically for pediatric patients, from neonates to young adults. Blankets are available in both overbody and underbody designs to meet your need for patient access. 3M | Bair HuggerTM Blanket System 25 blanket styles for all your needs. INTRAOPERATIVE * 62200 Multi-position upper body 52301 XLupperbody * 52500 Lower body * 54000 Torso * 54200 Dual-port torso SPECIALTY AND UNDERBODY * 54500 Adult underbody * 56000 Cath lab * 57000 Surgical access * 57501 Spinal underbody * 58501 Lithotomyunderbody * 61000 Full body surgical * 63000 Sterile cardiac * 63500 Full access underbody 63700 Sterile full access underbody * 64500 Sterile cardiac access PEDIATRIC * 53000 Pediatric long * 53700 Small lower body * 55000 Large pediatric underbody * 55501 Pediatric underbody * 31000 Pediatric full body PRE- AND POST-OPERATIVE 11000 Outpatient blanket w/ booties 11101 Outpatient blanket 30000 PACU full body 30500 PACU chest access 31500 PACU multi access Brochure
Price Available on Request

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About Us

Phoenix Meditech Healthcare Solutions is a Gujarat based supplier, Trade, Import & Export of medical devices, services and solutions that improve quality of life for people with Healthcare Solutions towards age-related health challenges.

We create value by improving clinical outcomes for patients and enabling a better work environment for healthcare professionals. We thereby contribute to a sustainable healthcare system – always with Most Affordable Healthcare Solutions.

            Our main customers are private hospitals, clinics, Home Healthcare Services and public institutions. Our offering includes products and solutions for patient handling, medical beds, therapeutic surfaces, venous thromboembolism (VTE) prevention, Lymphoedema, Hypothermia Device and diagnostics and many more. We sell products and solutions in Gujarat, India, and our office is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our Major focus is on best clinical outcome for the patient, with well researched products based on clinical studies.

We offer solution for

  1. Patient Handling - Patient Lifters, Patient Shifting Device.

  2. Medical Hospital Furniture: - Motorised & Manual Hospital Beds.

  1. VTE Prevention: - Sequential & Uniform Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device.

  1. Fluid Warmers: Blood or Fluid Warmer, Rapid Fluid Warmer

  1. Hypothermia Device

  1. Temperature Targeted Management Device:

  1. Cryotherapy Device

  1. Lymphoedema Device: 4/8/12 Chamber.

  1. New Born Intensive Care Equipments

  1. Durg Transfusion system for Clinical & Non Clinical Use.

  1. Ambulance Solution: Medical equipment with AIS-125 Compliance.

  1. Pain Management, Gradient Stocking & Ortho

  1. OTC Products: BP Machine, Nebulizer, Weighing Machine, Glucometer, Digital Thermometer, Suction Machine, Stethoscope & Surgical bandage etc.

  1. ICU Equipment: Patient Monitor, Defribillator, AED, Ventilator, Work Anaesthesia etc.
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