Lakshmi Padmanaban

Freelancer based in Chennai, India
Team Members
Website and Email Copywriting
  Ongoing Project
Based on your brief, audience and market, I create web copy, email copy & social media copy for B2B digital brands and B2C SMBs.
$90 - $150 
One Time Payment
Case Studies
Let's partner to drill down your best customer stories and show your prospects the amount of impact your brand can make!
$60 Onwards
One Time Payment
Blog Writing
I write SEO-friendly, customer-centric blogs that informs and educates the readers. The blogs I write improves the brand positioning and creates better trust with your customers.
₹1,200 Onwards
One Time Payment
Press Release
Let the world know about the release of your awesome products, exciting features and other milestones in your business. I help you simplify your outreach with simple, on-the-point press release that gets picked up notable websites and publications.
One Time Payment
About Us
A freelance copywriter with over four years of experience working with startups and SMBs. My expertise is web copy, email copy, landing pages and sales copy. I have helped businesses to really *connect* and *engage* with their ideal audience on a ground level and create a lasting impression, and, of course, high conversions!
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Address Chennai, India
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