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Garment Development Order
Garment Development Order
Mastani is a collection, named after a virtuous and phenomenal personality at art, Amatri. Who herself is a story to narrate. You could speak to her personally through her Instagram handle. And explore her exotic range of tailored leisure garments. She offers noteworthy craftsmanship and sought to us for her tailoring needs. She wanted ready to sell garments for her niche. From cut-to-pack tailoring services, we offer her printing and additional fabric assistance as well.
Ongoing Project


Product Development
We would love to introduce ourselves as a tailoring or manufacturing service provider for all niche brands and newly budding boutiques and stores, who want to build their niche. We offer a variety of customary art products, that you can embed with your brand ideas. As a brand, you could either get a house for fabric and printing or could hire us to produce your branded product line. With an assurance of Quality Standards met with perfection.
Price Available on Request
Fabric Sourcing
We realize that regularly in a dress business, some or other individuals want to turn into a brand of extraordinary items. Many brands who strive to run their business cannot perfect the idea of a product unbeatable in any form. And for an unforgettable product experience. The choice of fabrics is important because it determines your garments' look, feel, and overall quality. When it comes to making products from fabrics, be it clothing, Home decor, or accessories. Being aware of the product in thoughts, but unsure of the names when it comes to sharing them. And since they need assistance in the vast world of fabrics, we have created a strong channel of direct-to-consumer fabric availability from looms all over India. Working under strong principles of Make In India. Offering Certified fabrics.* It is essential to choose the right fabric for your clothing to ensure that your fabric products are comfortable, durable, and sustainable. We offer more than 1500 different weights of fabrics:* * [ ] With breeds to select from Silk Organic and Raw, Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Organic Linen, Polyester, Velvet, Satin, Chiffon, Denim, Leather, Flax, Lace, Rayon, Nylon, Crêpe, Hemp, Viscose, Fleece, Organza, Canvas, Stretch fabric, Flannel, Georgette, Jersey, Organic Jute. * [ ] Yarns and Fabrics made of Bamboo, Oeko-Tex, Recycled Fibers, Milk Fiber, Aloe vera Fiber, Corn Fabric, Lotus Fiber, Eucalyptus Fiber, Banana Fabric, Rose Fiber, Soybean Protein Fiber, Sugarcane Fiber, Orange Fiber, Neem Tree Fiber, Hemp Fiber. And more to be arranged on demand.
₹20 - ₹3,000 Per Meter
Printing Services
Worried about your fabric printing needs? And want to get the finest printing services under your label brand. Contact us at Greige India. We offer Hand Block Printing, Screen Printing, and Digital Printing. And to offer you the utmost ease, we offer to print on any fabric of your choice.
₹150 - ₹450 Per Meter
Pattern Making
We make patterns for all types of Fabric Products. A good product/service is defined by: 1. Who is it for? - Anybody who wants to make their fabric products, we can send them ready-to-stitch fabric Paper Patterns. 2. How it works? - Send us the images, sizes, and all other details that you want to add to your dream product. We will send you images with measurements. 3. Key benefits and what they can expect? - A perfect-by-measurement product always available to stitch at your ease. With paper pattern delivered straight to your home. 4. How is it different from competitors? - We always keep notes of details. And always seek to ask for details to make sure no errors are made.
₹2,000 Per Pattern

About Us

As we understand an introduction is a great way to begin a great relationship. We hope to serve our best!

The name itself comes from the word Greige, which means Raw form (generally in fabrics), and we empower the same raw manpower of India and pivot them into the fascinating world of textile crafts.

All our men, resources, crafts, and deeds are devoted to Mother Earth and Mother India.

We offer a variety of customary art products, that you can embed with your brand ideas. As a brand, you could either get a house for fabric and printing or could hire us to produce your branded product line. With an assurance of Quality Standards met with perfection.

At Greige India, we specialize in Hand Block Printing, Design Making, and Stitching services.

Which could suit all your fabrication needs. We supply brands dealing as direct labels as well as boutique brands.

In terms of services, we provide make-to-order services for:

1.       Raw, Dyed and Printed fabrics

2.       Printing Fabrics via Hand Block, Screen, and Digital Printing.

3.       Customization services for your designs, products, prints, or fabrics.

4.       Manufacturing Home Décor + Accessories products.

5.       Women Apparels + Kids Wear.

6.       Embroidery arts.

ClothingTextile DesignerFabric SupplierBag ManufacturerPrint Manufacturer
Fashion DesigningE-Commerce Store
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