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Devashish Gupta

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I am Devashish Gupta, a passionate digital marketing enthusiast. I have built 2 apps since graduating from NMIMS-Mumbai with a combined user-base of over a million users. I learned my marketing skills while growing my apps. For both my apps I was successful in getting users through ads mainly, at less that Rs. 5 per converting user and sometimes the CPI and CPC were even less than Rs. 0.50. Now I am looking to implement my skills to help other acquire and engage users at the right price.
 In Business since January, 2017
  Mumbai, India



User growth and audience building + engagement for e-commerce app

ForBidkart India Pvt Ltd
Ongoing Project

User Acquisition and Engagement for Content based app

August, 2019
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Facebook Ads

Running Targeted messaging to acquire and engage users through Facebooks platforms. I recommend this for anyone trying to get users quickly to scale or test their business idea. Using mainly facebook ads I have grown 2 apps to over a million users.
INR 10000 
One Time Payment
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Mumbai, India