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Domestic Sales
AgroShifts is motivated to create a complete ecosystem by creating a market for farmers to list their produce at the optimum value for buyers. We have observed that the existing systems which are currently active in handling the domestic sales by are falling short in creating enough facilities and opportunities for farmers to sell their produce. Currently more than 60 % of produce is not getting to these institutions due to various problems, AgroShifts is working in the direction to negotiate through those obstacles and create a much efficient ecosystem for domestic sales of the commodity where farmers of all backgrounds will have an fair and equal opportunity for selling of their commodities.
₹1 Per Project
Agricultural Counselling
We are currently working with farmers from various regions of Maharashtra and connecting the farmers with other farmers and experts which will provide them necessary inputs and increase the quality and quantity of commodity. In addition to that, we are also connecting our farmers with various agricultural institutions and labs which will help them asses their farm land and commodities in better way. This will help them understand various modern techniques of farmings as well as also provide the farmers basic understanding of each commodity. While improving the quality and quantity of commodity, it will also make our farmers understand the true value of their produce, which will help them promote their yield in a much better way.
₹1 Per Project
AgroShifts has created a interactive virtual platform with appropriate dynamics and easy to use UI, it will build an ever lasting relation with us. Our platform enables buyer to trace the origin of commodity which will be listed which indirectly builds the trust in relationship. While doing this we are looking after sustainable environment surrounding the platform which includes choosing of eco-friendly ways to operate our platform. Through these features we want to build a long lasting trustworthy personal bond with each customer therefore creating this a special personal relationship.
₹1 Per Project
AgroShifts has an efficient and well established supply chain starting from procurement of commodities from farms to sending it to the buyers from 110+ countries globally, not just that but we do take care of all the documentation, grading, stuffing, sanitizations, transportation, CHA, and freight forwarding as well. We aspire to be a platform where the services provided by us will make sure that our community will have a hassle free experience during the journey. We are making conscious efforts in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers by neutralizing various barriers such as language, currency, cultural etc.
₹1 Per Project

About Agroshifts

AgroShifts started with an aim to implement an ideology inspired to establish farmer in our country as a brand across the globe. This ideology came natural to us with our agricultural background. It helped us assess and experience the situation thoroughly, and we decided to act on it with immediately.

In the recent times, all of us went through the COVID-19 pandemic. People from all the professions suffered a heavy loss, but farmers were assumed to be unharmed in this condition.

Looking at the situation, we knew where we are lacking; we needed a farmer, who could analyze, evaluate and promote the agricultural produce that is the backbone of our economy which suffered a lot in these times.

Our education and experience helped our motivation to get this situation sorted through anything and everything we can provide to our farmers community across the country; and an endless onward and upward journey of AgroShifts began with a simple and empowering motto,

“shifting towards prosperity”.

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