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ARCHITECT SERVICES If you are thinking of overhauling your home’s layout, carrying out a full renovation, or even building a new home, you’ve probably asked yourself the question: do I need an architect? working with Sketch Spaces is the surest way to ensure that you have access to the skills and expertise you need to negotiate the design and build process. Draftspeople, engineers, and architectural technicians may not have the full range of skills you need. Typically, an architect is will provide the following services:  * concept design * feasibility studies * preparation of planning applications  * creation of detailed construction drawings * sourcing and vetting contractors, and consultants  * administration of the contract  * project management while the build is on site. Each of these services requires its own specific skillset. That’s why it’s essential to work with an architect who has built up a good level of understanding and expertise. An architect familiar with your local area will also have good contacts that you can exploit to get a high-quality finish on your project, within budget and delivered on time.
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BESPOKE FURNITURE With an innovative and progressive thought process, we at Sketch Space focus on providing bespoke furniture. We have an in-house team providing a one-stop solution for all your designing, décor, and installation needs. Our services offer a professional experience guiding clients through each step of their journey toward creating their desired living spaces. Our integrated team of designers, project managers, and stylists work very closely with clients to understand their vision, inspiration, and desires to achieve the best outcome. We at Sketch Space believe in making ideas happen from inception to execution. Having backed by the best resources including world-class manufacturing, the latest technology, and design collectives we are capable of delivering superior quality products in a timely fashion.
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Interior Designing Residential & Commercial
RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR At Sketch Space, we understand that you need your house to be your own reflection. It should be able to tell the story of who you are and be made of everything that you love. Residential interior design plays an indisputable role in ensuring that you have just the right mix of luxury and comfort in your home. No matter where you go or whether you stay in some of the best hotels around the world very often, no place can make you feel as relaxed as your own house. This is why Sketch Space can transform your house into a welcoming and cheerful abode. When creating interior designs for a house, we always keep in mind that every space within a house has an essence of its own – be it the living room, bedroom, kids’ room, kitchen, terrace, bathroom, or dining area. It is our primary job during the ideation as well as the execution of your house design to make sure that each part of your residence echoes your personal taste, all the while upholding its functionality. The expert team at Sketch Space carefully assesses the styling and furnishing needs of your living space as well as of each of the family members before creating a tailor-made residential design concept for you. Everything from the furniture to material finish, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and other accessories is selected by them in compliance with the personalized home interior design theme curated for you. Commercial interior When designing corporate office interiors, the key is to strike a balance between styling and optimum space utilization. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the best commercial interior designers on our team. At Sketch Space, the expert designers base your corporate office design on a thorough analysis of what you want and what your clients, employees, and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office. Our number one priority while undertaking a commercial interior design project is to understand what the company truly stands for and represent the same in the best conceivable way. We believe that the best office interior design is the one that not just catches the clients’ attention but also creates an efficient workplace for the employees and enhances their morale.
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About Us

Sketch spaces have a rich experience of over a decade, covering the fields of Design, Architecture, Interiors, and Infrastructural development. We make sure that we follow strict guidelines & project management. Designing a new space or revamping an old one can be an overwhelming experience for an individual. Moreover, the designs should provide the ambiance that one is looking for. If it is a home, we may be looking at the perfect blend of personal style and comfort. At SKETCH SPACES our motto is simple: “It’s Your Project.” Our talented and attentive team asks lots of questions – and we listen to your answers. Your dreams, needs, and goals guide our ideas and solutions from the initial concepts to the ribbon cutting. We get to know you and establish a comfortable working relationship – fostering mutual respect and open and honest communication. While our professionals bring a wealth of architectural experience, we don’t bring preconceived ideas about what’s right for you. From new construction to renovation and remodeling, our experience is vast and varied. Our combined expertise and personal attention make what could be an overwhelming process enjoyable and rewarding. Once your project begins, we keep the conversation flowing with frequent communication – discussing evolving needs and offering design alternatives. And throughout the design and construction process, we make your job easier by serving as your representative to contractors, city, and state code officials, and other consultants. This attention to detail and quality relationships keep clients coming back.

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