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Apiarists under contractual agreement with beekeepers,offering beekeeping extension services that include apiary management,Bee removal services ,,
Agency based in Nairobi , Kenya

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  loisewell academy
Loisewell academy
Ongoing Project
Katheka apiaries
Katheka apiaries
We identified a favourable site for the setting up the hives The site was; ● shaded(half day sun/half day shade) ●away from human/animal activity ●next to a water pan were bees can get a sip ●The site has a wind break. ●facing the sunrise ●had a catchment area covered with indigenous and exotic bee friendly plants The 10 metallic hive stands were set and conceated in two lines and the brooder boxes placed. The stands were treated with grease to prevent ants/insects from reaching the hives Three catcher boxes were strategically hunged on trees to trap feral swarms. The swarms are to be later transferred into the brooder boxes.
Ongoing Project
Uthatani apiaries
Self Project
Uthatani apiaries
In 2019 ,while still college,I ventured into honey market out of the desire and need to make a coin out of it. At first it was all good as I ordered batches of honey from bee farmers in kitui county and they would deliver unadulterated honey , until I one day landed on a middle man's hot hands that made me do a rethink of the business. He send me a full 28 kgs of molasses iced up with some 50 dead bees. I had to bare the losses and accept that its a business. At that point I knew the only solution would be to produce my own product that I would be sure of quality and easily dictate prices. I immediately jumped into the world of research on how to start beekeeping. I would do frequent benchmarking from experienced beekeepers and in a few weeks into a month I had purchased my first two langstroth hives and had them colonised. I also got a protective gear and a smoker that i would frequently use for inspection. In about two months I would get calls from farmers who would want me to help with their hives. Whenever I got some money I would save and invest on a beekeeping equipment that I needed. Later in the year as I was looking for quality hives to parchase i came to meet one good ezekiel mumo who was selling equipment and hives as well. We began working together out of having same interest and passion on keeping Bees. It's through this partnership that I kept diving deep into beekeeping and adding hives to my apiary. Over the years I have worked on the field as bee technician offering beekeeping extension services to farmers in Kenya. The apiary has grown to 13hives over time Below are some the harvests we have done for this year 2022 25 kgs February 2022 27 kgs June 2022 20 kgs august 2022 34 kgs november 2022 Selling the above kilograms of honey gives me alot of satisfaction and peace knowing that the product is natural and as is from the hives. As Bee technician nothing reallyfeels my heart than managing hives upto get them producing and witnessing the client sell natural unadulterated honey to his /her clients and make money out of it. We grateful to God for guidance and Blessings to this far
Ongoing Project
Swarm migration
  Mr David mwenda
Swarm migration
The swarm Swarm migration The swarm had nested up the roof of a one storey mansionette for about a year now The family had been okay with living with the honey bees up until recently when they had some repairs on the roof and the bees defended their 'house' by stinging one of the roof technicians. We got a call out to safely rescue them and migrate them to a different location. The bees were relatively calm,had no honey stores and had a moderate population of worker bees.
February, 2023
Ruthagati apiaries
  Samuel k. (Samuel k.)
Ruthagati apiaries
The project is based in nyeri. Originally it was owned by a association but it had not been producing well since its set up. Our client after having developed interest in beekeeping decided to take up the project which was on sale. He however needed us to guide him on whether the project would produce better with our management, which we adviced positively and took over the project immediately, June 2021. After organising and putting in expertise we managed to do our first harvest of 42 kilograms of liquid in November the same year. Looking back after a year and 5 months we are happy to have worked on this project to this far. So far we have done ; 42kgs in November 2021 35 kgs in March 2022 50 kgs in May 2022 22kgs in August 2022 50Kgs in November 2022 20Kgs in June 2023 22Kgs in August 2023 As T.P.H we thank God for the love and Blessings!
Ongoing Project


Hive installation/Apiary set up
A good apiary set up/hive installation goes a long way in the succes of a bee project. Professionally set up hives are easy to manage and are likely going to last for years, moreover such hives will produce tones and tones of honey with good management making the project profitable. T.P.H designs and sets up apiaries from scratch
Price Available on Request
Honey harvesting
We offer honey harvesting services The service involves getting the honey in the most safest way possible from the bees and delivering it to you clean and sweet .
Ksh 500 Per Project
Hive inspections and management
In order for your bees to thrive, a regular maintenance programme is necessary; this is precisely what T.P.H maintenance package involves. We handle every aspect of your beehive maintenance, paying precise attention to changing seasonal demands for colonies of all sizes. Our beekeeping services are delivered with complete care and precision . Our beekeepers are professionals, and understand how to handle and maintain honey bee hives without agitating, harming or adversely affecting your bees We walk you through and ensure that the project remains vibrant and productive.
Ksh 150 Every Month
Site surveys
A successful beekeeping project starts with choosing a good site to place your hives. If you choose a poor site people and animals may be stung. If the site is insecure honey and hives can be stolen. A good site for bees leads to a productive and successful project. We at T.P.H follow the National beekeeping guidelines on Apiary siting. After having a survey at the site that you would wish to keep bees we are able to guide you in accordance to the national beekeeping guidelines on Apiary siting and also on the kinds of hives to keep your bees ,the capacity of hives that the catchment area can hold,hive products that you can specialise on as per your catchment area and much more Reach to us today
Ksh 2,500 Onwards Per Project
Beekeeping tours
INLUDED IN THE TOUR; ✓A brief insight of residents of a hive,bee products,beekeeping as a business,roles of bees to the environment. ✓Inspection of a live hive with bees. (Bee suits available (carry a pair of gamboots),getting a bite 😋 of comb honey straight from the hive,queenbee viewing
Ksh 1,500 Every Day
Live bee removal services
We safely rescue the bees plus the queen (relocate them into our farms where we give them better 'homes' to stay in) Clean the nest,remove all combs and propolis and treat it with repelants that keep bees off the site.
Ksh 5,000 - Ksh 10,000 Per Project

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Established in Sep, 2019, The productive hives is an agency based in Kenya. They offer services such as Beekeeping Extension Services, Apiary Management and Colony Removal Services.

Beekeeping Extension ServicesApiary ManagementColony Removal Services
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Address Nairobi , Kenya
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