Shekhar Mahapatra

Shekhar Mahapatra

Legal, drafting, analysis, business services, creative, writing,
Freelancer based in MH, India


  A client based in European Union
I have drafted this for a client based in European Union for unique advertising and promotion services engagement purposes
September, 2015


Creative writing
I write for business, houses to get appropriate attention from potential users of the product. In the past I have rewritten description of several softwares. I like creative writing as in storytelling formats even! After all who does not like stories, but should be very catchy, as in one can relate to!
₹600 - ₹10,000 Per Project
Dear Visitor! By using this you can order analysis of my legal document! I am a veteran legal expert with creative bend of mind working online 2010 , working since 2007! Yes you may think I am a old man but I am enough enthusiastic like may be like a painter trying to paint a picture to perfection , similarly I try to offer best service to my clients but it comes for a expense of time thus I need to charge reasonably I cannot charge you Rs2000 okay and if you can allow me that much of I will deliver you best quality of document . I will take generally 5-10 days to draft a perfect document
₹12,000 Per Project
Legal drafting , Analysis, advisory
You can request drafting of any documents, review of existing legal documents for risk assessment, redrafting, and also request for possible advisory Page limit 5 Total Review 2 to be requested within 2 days of first draft receipt Just one document only no other additional work or no further than 40% amendment is possible
₹4,500OnwardsMultiple Price Plans

About Shekhar Mahapatra

Dear Visitor!

I am a Self made Legal Expert from India

I did my law degree, BA.LLB HONS from Calcutta University'08

I did my Masters in Business from Sikkim Manipal University'13

I help my clients with legal drafting, analysis, business and creative writing skills. So far I have served not just, India based but UK and USA, Belgium, Emirates, Israel, Russia, Ukraine etc

Feel free to ask any questions you may have , as I practice open door policy but just not spam or scam !

Have a good day!

Legal drafting, creative writing

LegalCreative Writing
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Address MH, India
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