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Hotel Pre-Opening Consultancy
Hotel Pre-Opening Consultancy
Provision of General consultancy in Hotel pre-opening. Advice on the acquisition of mechanical and electrical equipment, Recruitment of key pre-opening personnel, Development of Hr Manual, and Staff training among others.
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General Hospitality Consultancy
The financial success of any hospitality establishment is largely dependent on the skill and ability of on-site management hence the need for general consultancy. Due to the high competition and invariable transformations in the market of the hospitality industry, many hoteliers face many challenges. Therefore, to minimize such issues, hoteliers require the assistance of a hospitality consultant. The Consultant has the required skills to bring onboard innovative ideas to manage hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, etc. Therefore, we assist in developing effective sales and marketing strategies to generate revenue. We give professional advice to investors or individuals interested in joining the hospitality industry. In addition, we help hospitality establishments improve their operations. The most significant characteristic of a good hotel consulting company includes years of experience in relation to both operations and business management. Engaging the services of a hospitality consulting company should not be treated as a needless expense. Neither should it be regarded as the last resort when things run out of hand. Nevertheless, a knowledgeable hospitality consultant is an outstanding investment to achieve the desired results from your business.
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Hospitality Business Development
Business development refers to the process of recognizing, take care of, and obtaining new customers and new business opportunities. Besides, it is the formation of strategic value for an organization from clients, marketplaces, as well as interactions. Business development simply refers to any action by either a company that serves the rationale of improving the enterprise. Our Business Development team works with investors who want to venture into the hospitality industry but may be lacking in previous knowledge of the industry. We provide the following services; • Concept Development, • Feasibility study of the proposed business, • Develop a business plan. We engage established architects, quantity surveyors, and interior designers to ensure that the hospitality establishment design is unique and captures the intended theme. Follow-up is done to ensure every detail in the plan is followed and alterations are only for the better.
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Internal Quality Management System Audit
Internal QMS Audit refers to planned periodic quality checks carried out by organizations to make sure that the standard procedures in their Management System are adhered to. An internal audit is a significant constituent to guaranteeing the best performance of a quality management system. Besides, the objective of an internal audit is to collect information about the efficiency of the quality system. It calls for a person with vast knowledge about all operational processes within an organization to perform an internal audit. We provide customized consultancy services that enable our clients to achieve continuous improvement. On the other hand, we ensure compliance within the management systems and across all business operations. We also ensure that the organizational process complies with the requirements of the quality management system. Similarly, this must be in line with customer expectations, regulatory requirements, and the organization’s own requirements. Our experts will help establish whether your organization is meeting requirements or not. Besides, we identify opportunities for improvement while assisting the audit team in developing audit reports. Finally, we present audit reports to top management and assist with follow-up audits, as required. Our consultants guide organizations in implementing and maintaining their management systems to certified standards. We assist our clients to achieve and maintain certification of their management systems to international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Clients choose us for our expertise, practical experience, and common-sense approach.
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Staff Training | Capacity Building
Staff training is the procedure employed in coaching the existing employees with an aim of improving the performance and productivity of the organization. Besides, it is an essential aspect of a successful organization is training staff as one of the precious assets. Therefore, staff should be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to achieve the company objectives. Training promotes job satisfaction while retaining current employees. At Green World Hospitality Consultants, we believe that having the right employees in the right place is the most important asset a business can have. Besides, we offer a comprehensive HR solution for training and development, and performance review.
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Restaurant Menu Engineering
Menu engineering refers to the analysis of the profitability and popularity of items and how the two factors affect their positioning. Hence, the main objective is to increase profitability per guest. While menu engineering is most often mentioned in the context of traditional paper restaurant menus, the concepts are equally applicable to menus posted online, drink menus, specials written on table tents, and items written on menu boards. If you sell items that have varying levels of profitability and popularity, menu engineering may help you increase your profits. We provide a well-executed initial menu-engineering effort that can increase your restaurant’s profits by 10% to 15%. The difference between the more and less successful attempts at menu engineering does not hinge on an establishment’s type or size. Therefore, the restaurant industry has a lot of low-hanging engineering profit waiting to be picked. We at Green World Hospitality Consultants, study the profitability and popularity of menu items and how these two factors influence their placement on the menu. Hence, our goal is to increase profitability per guest.
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Pre-Opening Consultancy
Pre-Opening of a hotel usually takes about six months to three years to realize all plans of action before the actual opening of a hotel. The duration of the entire process depends on the type and classification of the Property in place. The pre-opening stage comes with challenges as well as opportunities that might be dealt with by a professional. Green World Hospitality Consultants offers consultancy on conceptualization, development, and project management services for independent hotel owners. Therefore, it is most ideal if Green World Hospitality Consultants is involved from the early stages of a project to enable the Green World Hospitality Consultants’ team to guide the development of the project. This ensures the brand philosophy and values have influence over various facets of the project to deliver a holistic and exceptional finished product.
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Revenue Management And Cost Containment
Revenue management implies the strategic allocation and costing tactics used to sell the organization’s supplies to guests at the right time, hence boosting revenue development. Besides, other products like amenities and food and beverage products will as well appear in the picture. This aspect rotates around measuring what customers from diverse sections are ready to pay. Therefore, this can just be achieved by measuring and monitoring the supply and demand for hotel rooms. Every tourist has an upper limit amount they can pay for services in your hotel. Hence, revenue management involves capturing a great deal of this value as possible. The best approaches depend on the knowledge that hotel pricing is subject to change from time to time. Our team of enthusiastic revenue management professionals works with hotel managers and owners to drive revenue and significantly increase the hotel’s profits. We focus on hotel clients more than the competition, we review pricing in all areas of operation. On the other hand, we recommend enhancements in processes and how to resourcefully deliver service to the guests.
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About Us

Green World Hospitality Consultants is a Private Limited Company that was founded and developed in 2018 by an articulate hospitality expert. Green World Hospitality Consultants offers consultancy on conceptualization, development, and project management for hotels and other hospitality establishments.

We offer professional services in General Hospitality Consultancy, Restaurant Menu Engineering, Hospitality Business Development, Pre-Opening Consultancy, Internal Quality Management System Audit, Revenue Management & Cost Containment, and Employee Capacity Building.

We work with you as an investor to help refine your concept while achieving your business’s revenue potential. In addition, we monitor loopholes where businesses lose revenues while ensuring customer services are always first class.

Our commitment is to help you streamline processes and strategies in order to improve the results of your business. Nevertheless, our yield and revenue management experts will help unfold the full revenue potential of your hotel.

It is most ideal if Green World Hospitality Consultants is involved from the early stages of a project to enable the Company’s team to guide the development of the project. This ensures the brand philosophy and values have influence over various facets of the project to deliver a holistic and exceptional finished product.

ConsultancyHospitality Consulancy
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