# Getting Started

Refrens Invoices makes it easy for businesses to create, view, print, email, and manage invoices using a simple dashboard and an intuitive API made for developers.

To access Refrens API, you need to have API enabled on your business account. If you have a Refrens Premium account, please contact support (care@refrens.com or on chat) to enable API for you.

The following points are applicable across all API endpoints -

  • API follows REST conventions, ie creating a resource is POST, fetching is GET, updates are PATCH
  • All API responses and request bodies are in JSON format.
  • Any request with the body should include ContentType: application/json
  • API response status is indicated as HTTP response code. ie, 200 is a success, 201 is created, 4xx are errors.
  • Most of the endpoints require an Authorization header with a JWT token in the following format -
  • Authorization: Bearer