Cost-efficient, reliable and sustainable, autonomous hydroelectric solution through a combination of innovative hardware and AI
Freelancer based in Jalpaiguri, India

About BluPower

BluPower’s mission is to mitigate climate change and build climate resilience by providing hardware and software solutions that enable 100% renewable grid via hydro power.

BluPower incorporates principles of nature-based engineering to strategically deploy low-head structures that harness natural hydrological processes at the river basin to restore watersheds’ ecological function and generate co-benefits that include increased groundwater recharge, improved fish habitat, sediment management, water security and quality - all while generating reliable, renewable energy.

BluPower solution incorporates innovative analytics that combines Lidar Drone Mapping, satellite imagery, remote sensing, machine learning and weather data to provide real-time data on plant generation, plant health and performance information, plan for predictive maintenance to maximize uptime and optimize accurate information about water flow through a watershed that directly enhances the livelihoods and wellbeing of project area communities through linked irrigation networks which enhance agricultural productivity, water-supply systems for sanitation and household consumption and other design elements that address various aspects of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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