Freelancing 101

9 Types Of Gig You Can Do As A Freelance Data Scientist


Projects Involving Data Visualization

Many businesses and seek data scientists to build effective visualizations that make data communication easier.


Tutoring and Teaching

 If you know the fundamentals of data science or are familiar with more advanced topics, you can volunteer to teach them to others.


Data Purification

A basic understanding of data manipulation, the capacity to determine the relationship between distinct columns, and the ability to recognize abnormalities and trends.


Machine Learning

Designing, building, and developing data models is the next type of job that can help you gain more practical knowledge and a stronger portfolio.


Data Science Modelling

The act of creating a descriptive diagram of links between various types of information to be stored in a database is known as data modeling.



This is a unique position that focuses on performing customer research to aid in the design of the model and data extraction.


This is for seasoned data scientists or those who work in academia or research. Clients hire you as a consultant because of your experience in a particular field.


Many websites that publish technical content are always on the lookout for someone who can express complicated information in an understandable manner.


Actuarial Scientist

A freelancer with a strong background in mathematics and in-depth knowledge of how to assess data is more suited for this task.