Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing


1. Grammarly

It’s one of the most popular paid Grammar checking tools out there. You can try the free version to get a feel of it.

2. Thesaurus

This is a free online tool and does everything a dictionary should do for you online. So if you’re overusing a word in your article, go to this site and pick a synonym.

3. Headline analyzer

If you’re a content writer, it’s a no-brainer that you need to create a great headline that hooks your audience and the search engine too.

4. Semrush

If your clients want you to write for the bots and the human audience, you can't do without a keyword analyzer tool.

5. Cold Turkey

You can do so many things on your computer! But that can also hinder your productivity. That’s where this tool comes in.

Content Writing Tools to Improve Your Writing