Freelance guide

7 Easy Steps To Start Freelancing While Working Full-Time

Examine Your Employment Contract

Double-check your freelance contract and read all of the fine languages to be sure you’ve covered all of your bases.

step 1


Speak with your boss

Make sure you let her know that this role is still your top priority when you give her the heads up.

step 2


Make a Timetable

After a long day at the office, the prospect of settling down to work much more may seem unattractive. However, you can’t start the freelancing profession unless you consistently produce. It is critical to create a schedule.

step 3


Set aside a specific time for pitching

Devote at least four hours every week to locating, researching, and contacting your objectives.

step 4


Look for freelancing opportunities

You should look for freelancing jobs on the employment board in addition to pitching publishers.

step 5


Inform Your Contacts

Friends, family, and professional contacts can all be excellent sources of clients. Use social media to spread the word that you’re now starting freelancing on a large scale.

step 6


Make an online portfolio

Create a portfolio website and submit samples for imaginary journals or companies to speed the process rather than waiting until you’ve built a big body of published work.

step 7