Project-Based Freelance Graphic Design Rate

Freelance guide

$5,000–$7,500 For Basic Website Design

The above estimate is for a typical high-quality site with 5-6 pages. Even by your standards, web design rates vary a lot.

$200 and $2,500 For E-book Designing

The average cost of converting a copy into a completely designed and formatted eBook is roughly $1,000. 

$5–$10 Per Social Media Graphic

One of the cheapest design jobs is social media graphics. Graphic designers say they can charge as little as $5 per graphic and go up to $40–$65 for more experienced designers.

$75 – $450 For Business Collateral

Beginner graphic designers, charge as little as $75 for things like flyers, brochures, and business cards. Graphic designers with more experience may charge around $450 for these assets.

$400 – $800 For Package Designing

The starting fee starts at $400 and goes up from there.