Smart Ways To Minimize Risk When Working With New Clients

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When onboarding a new client, every freelancer must make it a point to set the scope of work, this will help you avoid any possibilities of scope creep in the future.

Tip 1

Set The Scope Of Work

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A freelance contract is a legal document that protects you against nonpayment and outlines everything that you and your client need to know. A legitimate contract establishes you as a professional, not just a side hustler.

Tip 2

Have A Contract In Place

Maintain open and clear communication. This will help you mitigate scope creep, guesswork, and miscommunication

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Tip 3

Have Open And Clear Communication

Imagine getting bombarded with phone calls and messages from a toxic client in the wee hours of the night. It’s a nightmare for every freelancer, right?  You can avoid such micromanagement by setting clear boundaries with your new client.

Tip 4

Set Up Your Boundaries

A good way to safeguard yourself from such incidents is to charge in advance.

Tip 5

Charge An Advance Payment

Be prepared with a backup plan to deal with any situation. For example, when onboarding a new client, ensure you have the contact details of more than one person in the organization.


Have A Backup Plan Ready

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