Freelance guide

Steps to start freelancing as graphic designer 

Organize Your Finances

To avoid complications along the way, the first thing you need to do is make sure you get your finances right.

step 1


Define Your Business

The second step to being a freelance graphic designer is to visualize what your business will look like. You can pick a niche that interests you the most, like logo design, graphic, etc.

step 2


Find Your First Client

This is a crucial step that is likely to set the pace for many other aspects of your freelance business.  Use online portals to find work or tap in your network of friends and family.

step 3


Build Your Online Presence

Once you have a few lineups for your first tasks, then you can start solidifying your online presence. You’ll need an online portfolio where you can display your work for clients to see.

step 4


Set Goals and Over-deliver

You’ll need to set financial goals, and have a set minimum revenue you would like to attain. This will also help you filter the clients that are worth your time.

step 5


Set Up Payment Systems

The first is an invoicing system, to keep track of every payment. You’ll need to collect payments on time and monitor your finances, if you want to thrive your freelance business

step 6


Always Look For New Clients

Once you have a few long-term clients, don’t stop looking for more. Make sure you’re always looking for new leads for your freelance business.

step 7