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How To Write A Perfect Cold Email?

A Clear ‘From’ address

This is your way to let the viewer know who the sender of the email is. A vital part to focus on when cold emailing, is as it catches the prospect’s attention when they search for the source of the email.

step 1


An Eye-Catching ‘Subject’ Line

The subject line is the first thing that is going to catch the reader’s mind. On the basis of the catchy email subject line, the recipient is going to decide whether to open the email or not.

step 3


An Interesting Introduction

It’s difficult to start a cold email. You have the pressure of maintaining the recipient’s attention for a few seconds. Make your introduction short and crisp.

step 2


A Convincing ‘Body’ Structure

Be specific about your details so that they feel like continuing with reading the email. Pitch about your offerings.

step 4


A Smart ‘Call-to-Action’

This is the part where you specify the actions that you want them to perform. It could be a call, a reply to an email, scheduling a meeting, or providing feedback.

step 5


An Authentic Signature

End the cold email with an authentic-looking precisely drawn signature. It should tell them more about you and your company.

step 6


Be Ready With A ‘Follow up’ Email

Have at least one follow-up email, but wait for a week before sending them. The follow-up emails should not sound like a reminder to them. Add in some extra value to convince them.

step 7