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How to collect money from clients who won't pay?

Send Reminders 

The first thing you should do to collect money from clients who won’t pay is to send a friendly reminder email as soon as possible.

step 1


Opt For Prepayments

Once you have set forward the terms, request for an early payment whether full or partial. This ensures safety, especially with clients whom you are working with for the first time.

step 2


Send Invoice ASAP

The sooner you send the invoice, the earlier you receive your payment as the client sees the urgency. Mention the payment dates clearly in the invoices sent.

step 3


Be Flexible In Payment Methods

t’s time for your clients to pay you; make this process easier for them by being open and accepting payment through multiple mediums.

step 4


Offer Incentives/Charge late fees

Make sure you specify the terms of additional late payment fees.  Also, acknowledge the clients who pay early through small discounts to appreciate them.

step 5


Future Work Should Be Canceled

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t get the money, it’s time to cut the client off from other work until you get paid.

step 6


Take Legal Action If Necessary

If your customer refuses to act after you’ve tried the above stages, it’s time to take legal action. Have your lawyer prepare a demand letter, which is a certified that threatens legal action if the debt is not paid.

step 7