6 Freelancing Realities That You Must Know


Save before taking the leap: If you’re switching from a full-time job, save money to sustain for at least six months before switching to freelancing.


Maintaining a steady pipeline of gigs: Like any other business, freelancing needs constant marketing to keep a steady flow of work.


Direct Messaging is not spamming! When you’re starting, it’s essential to network with people to build connections and generate leads.


Client retention is the key: It's always easier to retain your old clients than to acquire new customers. In a report, 70% of sales professionals said they prioritize customer retention. And this holds for freelancers too.


Learn to say no: You don’t need to say yes to everything — it’s your business, and you set the rules. Have boundaries and stick to them.


Your freelance skill is not enough: You need to be good at marketing your talent, managing cash flow and client relations, keeping track of your finance, and a lot of administrative work.