Freelance guide

Elements of a CREATIVE AND good brief for freelANCER

Mention the problem

Talk about the problem that you want to solve within the business.

step 1


Define your objectives

Focus on the outcomes of the project. Make sure that the goals of this activity are aligned with your overall strategy.

step 2


Refer to the target audience

Knowing the target audience can assist you understand the demographics of your clients so you can tailor the project's details to them.

step 3


Determine your competitors

Who are your main rivals? You might wish to provide a summary of the competitive landscape as well as any market trends or situations that are affecting your industry.

step 4


Include information on the tone, message, and style of the piece

The style and quality should be aligned with your brand and should also be determined by the project, the goal, and the action you want your customers to do.

step 5


Specify your budget

Mentioning your proposed budget is a really crucial part. Ensure that the amount you state is in alignment with your overall brief.

step 6


Give the date and time

Include a deadline for your project in the brief if you have one. Make sure to establish the timeline and agree on a completion date during your kickoff meeting or initial interactions with your designer.

step 7