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7 Questions Freelancers Should Ask Clients Before Starting Work

What kind of project are you looking to get completed?

If you provide multiple services, this is a great spot to start learning about your client’s needs.

step 1


What services are you looking for?

It’s a follow-up to the first. If you design and code websites and a client requests a new design, you should inquire as to whether they also require it to be coded.

step 2


When do you want this job to be finished?

This is an extremely successful method of obtaining important information regarding the client’s timeframe expectations. It’s a good approach to phrase the question so that you acquire the information you need as soon as possible.

step 3


What is the estimated cost of this project?

Prepare yourself for this phase of the conversation by knowing your pricing. That’s how professionals do business, and good customers will appreciate it!

step 4


What made you decide to begin this project?

You should have determined that the project is fundamentally a good fit for your company at this point. There’s no need to continue if the project kind, budget, or timetable doesn’t suit you. That is why do not begin with this question!

step 5


What are your business objectives?

This question will give you a good idea of what the client’s “end game” is. If they’re asking you to develop a new website for their firm, what they truly want is to drive more leads and sales.

step 6


Is there anything else I should be aware of?

This is your chance to allow the client to talk freely and give any information that they think is important. Save this question for last so that these are genuine extra details not covered in the previous six client questions.

step 7