Refrens Premium Plan: Detailing on the Features

The Refrens premium plan has been introduced to enhance the amazing services that Refrens already provides. Your business deserves to go premium because the plan includes everything you need to make your accounting process easy. 

Along with you, 1000+ businesses have already subscribed to Refrens Premium for its outstanding offerings.

What is Refrens Premium?

Refrens premium caters to all your accounting needs. From quotations, invoicing, expense management, ready reports & insights, we have it all for you. In addition to the regular features that are available to all users for free, Refrens Premium enables you to use these extra premium features to make your accounting process easy and personalized:

  1. Email scheduling 
  2. Customization of Premium templates
  3. Bulk upload 
  4. Add team members
  5. Recurring Invoice 
  6. Insights and reports

Premium Plan Features

Creating and sending invoices becomes a hassle-free process with many of these premium features. Let’s delve deeper into each of the premium features and their workings.

1. Customization Of Premium Templates

For you to make your invoices professional and have your branding on the invoices, we have created a range of invoice design templates. These templates help you make your invoices more personalized. Hence, they enable you to send invoices to clients that proclaim your brand.

This feature is very powerful and quite popular amongst Refrens users. You can do customizations like using a premium template, changing colors and fonts, adding letterhead and footer, changing language, and much more.

You are just a few steps away from using this awesome customization feature. Go through the video below to learn how to access your premium templates.

Refrens Premium is not just about customizing your templates. Read further to know about other awesome premium features.

2. Email Scheduling

With so much going on in your head, remembering to send invoices on time becomes difficult. You do not want to get delayed payments from clients because of sending late invoices. Hence, with Refrens premium now, autopilot your invoices for a future date by scheduling them in advance.

Watch the video below to learn how to schedule invoices at your convenience in a few seconds and be worry-free later.

With this feature, now you can focus on other important things and make your invoicing process easier.

3. Recurring Invoice

Time is money! We wouldn’t want you to invest your precious time in doing mundane, tedious tasks repeatedly. Do you have a client to whom you want to send an invoice daily, every week, or on the 5th of every month? We will do it for you with the premium recurring invoice feature.

Check out the tutorial below to manually stop sending repeated invoices and to optimize the recurring invoices feature.

Now that you have automated your invoices with Refrens, you can run a hassle-free business!

4. Bulk Upload

Have too many invoices to upload and very little time to upload each one? Reduce the manual invoicing effort with a bulk upload in just one click. With Refrens premium, you can upload CSV files to the Refrens invoicing system. 

Go through the steps below to know how to use the bulk upload feature and have a hassle-free invoicing process with just one click. 

  1. Go to <Invoices> from the sidebar. 
  1. Click on <Create New Invoice>.
create new invoice
  1. Select <Upload Invoices>.
upload invoice
  1. Upload your CSV file by clicking on <Choose File>*.
choose file
  1. Now review your file and click on <Upload on Refrens>.
Upload on Refrens
  1. Your data is now converted into invoices on your dashboard.

*If you are migrating from Zoho Invoices, select the <Click here> option.

Switching from other tools is easy and smooth now. Set up your invoices in a jiffy! Now save time and effort with the bulk upload feature. 

5. Add Team Members

A business can have multiple team members to manage various modules; Owner, accounting manager, leads manager, etc.

Doing each task by yourself is a tough job. Now delegate the invoice creation and other processes by adding your team members. Invite them to create invoices and other documents to save your time and effort.

As a business owner, with Refrens premium, you can add unlimited users. Follow the steps below to add your team members and allocate work to them.

  1. Go to <Business Settings> in the sidebar.
Business settings
  1. Select the <Users> tab.
  1. Click on <Add User>.
add user
  1. Fill in the details <Name> and <Email> of the member you want to add.
Name and email
  1. Your new user is added.
New user added

Helping hands can reduce your workload and decrease your stress. By adding team members, you will have fewer tasks to cater to. Remember, we are always on your team too! 

6. Insights and Reports

Your actions are worthless unless you know their impact. As a business, you have to measure the outcome of your business actions and processes to decide the further course of action. With Refrens premium, you can get a detailed overview of your business by accessing all the essential reports and payment insights.

You are just 2 steps away from accessing these reports and insights for a better decision-making process. For any business, it is essential to keep track of its revenues, profits, and losses. Do that with us by following the steps below. 

  1. Go to <Accounting Reports> from the sidebar.
accounting reports
  1. Check out the various reports available.
Available reports

With these insights and reports, we are making the evaluation of your data easy. Your decision-making process for future courses of action can be enriched by utilizing this feature.

Make the most of these premium features to grow your business even faster.

Are we missing any important features? Or you didn’t find the feature you were looking for? Give us a suggestion and we will contact you soon to find out more about it.

Need help or have any questions? We are available 24*7 every day of the week. Please reach out to us at, give us a call at +91 9739432668 or use the chatbot on the site. We’re here to help you, always!