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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is this online invoice generator really free?

Yes, this invoice generator is free forever. You can create unlimited invoices for the lifetime. We only charge a small payment gateway fee when you wish to receive payments online through Debit cards, Credit cards or wallets.

Do I have to create Refrens account to use this online invoice generator?

Yes, Refrens account is necessary to use this invoice generator. While creating an account, you can access all the invoices in one place and also makes the invoice creation procedure easy.

Can I add more details to my invoices?

Yes, you can add extra details like shipping details, discount, custom fields for both client and line item. Apart from that, you can also upload your logo, signature and attachments.

Can I save my invoices to this online invoice generator?

Yes. All the invoices created by you are saved online. You can access all the invoices anytime just by logging to your account.

Can I save my client details to this invoice maker?

Yes, you can save and manage all the details of your client under client management tab. This feature helps you to avoid retying of customer details every time on the invoice.

Can I receive online payments using this invoice generator?

Yes, you can receive payments online using Refrens payments gateway. We currently support Debit and Credit cards, Netbanking, Wallets and also International cards.

Can I use these invoices for filing taxes?

We provide GSTR-1 report which is helpful for filing the taxes. If you need any report that is not currently there, you can request us on chat support, we will get it included in our system.

Is my data safe?

Absolutely. Only you can decide who you want to share the invoices with. The invoices are accessible only through special URLs that you share or PDFs that you download. We do not share your data with anyone for any purpose unless you ask us to do so.

How does bank account verification work?

We initiate the process of verifying your bank account after we have received a payment for any of your invoices. Once your account is verified, we initiate the payouts automatically, subject to clearance from bank.

If you are not receiving payments through us, we do not verify the bank account.

What are the other products Refrens provide?
Why Is Online Invoice Generator Free on Refrens?

We want to enable easy transactions for Freelancers and Service Agencies. We make revenue through the payment system that some of the businesses use.

Invoice - What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a document that holds the information of all the products or services with its specific fixed price that has been offered by the seller (vendor) to its buyer (customer). An invoice indicates the buyer, how much amount must be paid as per the payment terms & conditions defined by the seller. Payment terms are the set of rules made for the goods or services that are purchased by the buyer.

What is an Online Invoice?

Each and every business owner is familiar with the importance of the internet. Knowing this, almost all business owners are shifting from offline to online mode. The same goes for the invoicing cycle as well. Creating invoices using invoice generator or invoicing software like Refrens is an online invoice. Creating, maintaining and sending all your invoices online to your client is easy and simple. It is always painful to create invoices with the hand at the end of the month. So using Refrens invoice generator, less to no Paperwork is required and also no risk of losing invoices. The best part about Refrens is - you can create invoices online without paying a single penny. FREE INVOICES FOR LIFETIME.

How to customize invoices using the Invoice Generator?

Using the Invoice generator, you can fully customize all your invoices without any hassle. You can add your personal or company logo. You can add multiple fields to add extra details for your client section. Also, you can add multiple columns to the product or service section so that you can describe more about your product or service you offer. Choose the best invoice templates that suit your business. Refrens allow the users to change the template colours (more than 24 colours) and also the fonts on the invoice.

How Online Invoicing Saves your time?

Using an Invoice creator like Refrens can help you to save a lot of time and energy, thus helps you to focus on growing your business. Here are some of the reasons:

  • No Money Spent. Generate Invoices for free.
  • Saves all your invoices and client data so that you can use it further.
  • Organize all your invoice in seconds.
  • No or minimal use of paper.
  • Use professional templates that are compatible with printers.
  • Track all your invoices - know if the customer opened your mail.
  • Generate Powerful Reports.
  • Accept payments online.
  • Access your invoice and client from anywhere in the world.
  • Use other free tools offered by Refrens.

Why Choose Our Online Invoice Generator?

Refrens Free Online Invoice Generator - an innovative business tool that helps you create and send professional looking invoices to your customers in 4 simple steps. Our Invoice Maker allows you to customize invoices by uploading elements like Logo, Digital Signatures, files and other attachments. With just one click, you can create GST invoices even if you are new to invoicing

Not just GST, Refrens online invoice generator also supports multiple currencies and more than 200+ countries. If you have a business with global clients, you can change the currency on your invoice with just one click. You can also add your bank details or payment links to get paid on time with Refrens Online Invoice Generator.

Our optimized and user-friendly invoice creation interface helps you to manage, track and save unlimited invoices online without any hassle and cumbersome. Using our online invoice generator, create, download and share unlimited invoices without paying any extra penny and save all important details for recurring invoices which helps you to save time.

How to Create Online Invoice using Free Invoice Generator?

When creating an invoice for the first time, you have to add the invoicing details to the blank invoice. Here is the step by step guide on how to create an invoice using all the essential elements of the free invoice generator.

  1. Invoice Header: In this section, add the invoice number, issue and due date of the invoice. You can also add your company or personal Logo to make the invoice more professional. Refrens also has the feature of additional fields where you can add PO Number, Quotation or Batch number, etc.
  2. Billed By: Add your company details which include company name, address, phone number, email address. If you are GST registered, you can add your GSTIN and also PAN number to make a GST invoice.
  3. Billed To: Add your client’s business details the same as you fill your company details.
  4. Product/Service Details: Add your product or service details with description, quantity and price. You can add multiple columns as per the requirement of your invoice.
  5. Discounts & Charges: You can give discounts on the item that you sold. Refrens’ online invoice generator automatically calculates the discounts. Same as discounts, you can add additional charges like packaging charges, shipping charges etc.
  6. Terms & Conditions: Add your company or invoicing terms and conditions so that you can get paid faster or to be clear on the record.
  7. Additional Notes: As the name suggests, you can add extra information or instruction related to the product or service you rendered.

Essential Business Reports provided by Online Invoice Generator

Refrens provide all the necessary reports which are useful for the users to summarize their business performance. You can make seamless business decisions by overviewing the reports provided by the Refrens free invoice generator. Reports help you to improve marketing plans, budget planning and develop a future forecast.

Refrens provide client report, payment report, TDS report and also GST report which you can use to file GST. We provide GSTR-1 report which is helpful for filing the taxes. If you need any report that is not currently there, you can request us on chat support, we will get it included in our system.

Benefits of Using an Online Invoice Generator

Here are some of the reasons how you save your time and hard work when creating an online invoice using Refrens’ online invoice generator.

  1. Zero Cost - You can create unlimited invoices online using Refrens’ free invoice generator. No Hidden Charges and No Restriction.
  2. Saves all your client data. You can manage all your client data in one go. This avoids re-entering the details again and again.
  3. Use professional invoice templates that are compatible with letterheads and easy to print.
  4. Get paid faster by using the Refrens payment gateway. We are one of the cheapest payment gateways in India when it comes to receiving international payments.
  5. Fully customizable invoice - you can add additional columns, fields and can also rename them when required.
  6. Add Multiple User and Business - if you have multiple businesses or users, you can add them to creating the invoices.
  7. Organize all your invoices in one place. You can organize them by date filter, by selecting clients and also by your invoice status(paid, unpaid, partly paid, overdue).
  8. Save your valuable time by uploading bulk invoices at a time.
  9. Create recurring invoices for daily, weekly and monthly purposes.
  10. Send or share invoices by downloading as PDF, print, email to the client and also by sharing on WhatsApp.

Online Invoice Maker to send invoices & accept online payment

Our online invoice maker allows the vendor to create an invoice online and send it to the customer via email. Easily track all your invoices, check whether your customer opened your invoices or not. If the invoice is not opened by your customer, you can send the remainder as well. You can also download the invoice as a PDF and can also print it whenever required. Invoice maker also gives you the option of sharing the invoice through WhatsApp as well.

The faster the invoice is reached to your customer, the chances of getting paid your invoices increases by 40%. When creating an invoice simply add the bank account details and email to your customer or through the sharing the link. Your customer would be able to pay online through a secure link. Invoice maker also gives the facility to accept the partial payments, advance payments, customize and manage invoices. Easily identify the status of your invoices like paid, unpaid, overdue. Give your customers multiple options to pay online such as Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, wallets which results in the faster collection of payments.

What are the other tools provided by Refrens other than Invoice Generator?

Other Products from Refrens includes invoice generator, quotation generator, proforma invoice, purchase order, expense report software, international payment gateway. All these tools are helpful for small businesses, agencies and freelancers to run their business efficiently.