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Multiple Free Online Estimate templates

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Estimate Template - letterhead version
Estimate Template Format - Letterhead Version
Project Estimate Template
Project Estimate Template for Freelancers
Classic Estimate Template
Classy Estimate Template
Printable Estimate Template
Printable Estimate Template
Cost Estimate Template - Modern Version
Cost Estimate Template - Modern Version
Work Estimate Template - Business Version
Work Estimate Template - Business Version

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Features of Estimate Template

Easy to Create Estimate
Easy to Create EstimateNo need of creating the estimate from the scratch, simply add the product details, amount, and client details.
Customization of Estimate Template Color
Customized ColorsCustomize your estimate with a variety of colors and fonts with the feature to add letterhead and footer on the estimate.
Customization of Columns
Customization of Columnsone click to add the custom columns and fields if you want to add extra information, same you can hide the column as well.
Convert Estimate to Invoice
Estimate to InvoiceCreate invoices without adding any details from the beginning. Simply click on convert to invoice and you invoice get created.
Client Management
Client ManagementAdd and manage all the details of the client at one place and also create custom reports for all the clients.
Lead Management
Lead ManagementManage your lead with lead management and create estimates directly from the leads section without adding information again.
Multiple Currency and Country supported on quotation template
Countries SupportedRefrens estimate template supports more than 150+ countries and currencies, even the rarest of the rare.
Upfront Support
Upfront SupportGet live support from our experienced support executive. We are available on chat and on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an estimate template?

An estimate template is an editable document that holds all the detailed information of the product or service and also includes the breakdown of the pricing and time taken to complete the project. However, the estimate contains an approximate value of the project that is likely to cost.

How to add logo to the this estimate template?

You can use add logo feature on the estimate to add the logo. and can brand your estimate without any hassle.

How to send email with an estimate template?

Once create the estimate using the Refrens template then in the final step, you will get a bunch of various options such as downloading the estimate, printing the estimate, or emailing the estimate. Use the email option to send estimates directly to clients without accessing your email account. You can also track your estimate and can check if the estimate is delivered and opened by the client or not.

How to create estimate for freelancer?

As an freelancer, you can rename the column from quantity to estimate hour and in place of amount you can add the term 'hourly rate' and thus you can create estimate.

What are the estimate templates available on Refrens?

Refrens offer letterhead estimate template, project estimate template, printable estimate template, cost estimate template, work estimate template.

What is an Estimate Template?

An estimate is similar to a quotation but here the catch is the "pricing" of the product or services you offer to the client. When creating an estimate, the price is quoted approximately and not the exact amount as we do in a quotation. A reckon value or cost of the job that is likely to incur at the time of the project is quoted at the time of generating the estimate.

An estimate is not a true invoice, the cost may change at the time of issuing the final invoice.

When estimate is issued by the business?

Many times it becomes crunch for the business to evaluate the proper costing of a project. Businesses like construction, website development, photography, marketing firms, etc. use estimates for their business, as they don't know the exact amount to cost for the job. So they calculate the risk, labor, and materials required, the delivery scope of the project, and offer a rough costing of the project.

So creating an estimate is not an easy task, it takes a lot more in-depth research and considers many indirect factors that can hinder your project value. Unfortunately, most of the businesses don't even bother to issue a proper estimate to the client and they end up making a loss on the project.

If you are unaware of the pricing that is going to cost for the work then it is important to plan and create an estimate. If you know the proper costing of the project, then you should create a quotation using any quotation software or you can also use a quotation template.

Calculating the cost of the project is not a very complicated process, you simply have to list down the materials, task list, a milestone to complete at a definite time, an approximate budget of all these lists, and proper planning, you can write an accurate estimate.

You can use our estimate template to make an estimate. Refrens offer multiple templates with total control of branding and customizing the estimate in your own way.

Format and Content of an Estimate Template

There are some important elements that must be used when generating an estimate. The list of the elements are as follows:

  1. Always use the title "Estimate" at the top of the estimate template.

  2. Estimate a number that can be used as a reference number when creating an invoice in the future.

  3. Creation date and due date of the estimate.

  4. Add your company logo, name, information, and all other important information.

  5. Buyers information like name, address, email, and phone number.

  6. Properly define your work with a detailed description like requirements of materials, labor.

  7. Estimated cost of the project.

  8. Estimated timeline of the project.

  9. Terms and conditions which will showcase the conditions of the project and also mention the mode of payment.

  10. Additional Notes: add some relevant or extra information about the project so that it becomes clear for the client.

  11. And also mention on the estimate that, the price of the project is not accurate and may vary as per the requirements or any other internal or external factors.

  12. Signature of the authorized person.

Online Estimate Templates offered by the Refrens

  • Project Estimate Template

  • Classic Estimate Template

  • Printable Estimate Template

  • Cost Estimate Template - Modern Version

  • Work Estimate Template - Business Version

Other template includes invoice templates, proforma invoice templates, purchase order templates, quotation templates.

With multiple estimate templates on board, you can create your own unique template by customizing ar per the need which will keep you ahead of your competitors. As with increasing competition, you also know that your client will be in touch with other businesses to get the work done so they will be in search of the company that will suit them the best so it becomes crucial for you to look superior from your competitors. Using the same old generic estimate template is of no use now so, use Refrens template which is specially developed for the businesses who are bound with estimate documents.

All the templates are pre-formatted so you don't have to create the estimate from the scratch, just add the necessary information on the estimate template and your document is ready for delivery. However, you can still customize the template as per your wish by adding custom fields, columns or by hiding the redundant column. Moreover, you can also change the color, fonts, add letterhead and footer with one click and build your brand.

Unlike others, Refrens never use its logo or name anywhere in the estimate nor run any advertisement. The estimate will completely carry your branding with your company name and logo. Once the estimate is created, you can save it on Refrens website so that you don't have to search for the documents on your computer which eventually saves your time. Easy to send the estimate directly to the client via mail and can track whether the estimate is opened by the client or not.

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